Wooden planter

Why adopt a wooden planter for interiors

A wooden planter is the most suitable element to best present flowering or green plants. There are many models on the market, different in shape, size, color and intended use: in fact these elements can also be adopted in interior spaces with excellent results. These solutions are very beautiful and elegant and can have a more traditional or more contemporary style depending on the characteristics of the surrounding environment. In particular, shabby planters are very popularchic, suitable for a living room and living area: generally they are in pickled wood with a white enamel finish and decorated with white and pink ribbons. It is advisable to grow plants with a woody trunk. For example, in a shabby chic style living room it is good to insert specimens in shades of white or in pastel shades, where you can grow green seedlings with narrow or wide leaves according to your preferences.

How to choose the ideal wooden planter

On the market there are many different wooden planters, which are distinguished by style, size and shape: consequently you have to buy the models according to the context in which they are to be inserted. In a wooden planter you can grow flowering plants, shrubs or aromatic plants: the latter create a pleasant and elegant environment. At the same time they give off a pleasant scent and can be used in the kitchen. To best present the plants it is advisable to adopt a wooden planter of medium height, choosing specimens in colors that can be matched to those of the context: this is especially true for indoor models. A wooden planter for interiors can be placed in different contexts, giving brightness and color to spaces and making them comfortable and welcoming.

Making DIY wooden planters and grid patterns

If you want you can make a wooden planter with the DIY: in this way you have a specimen tailored to your needs. The container for the plants can be created by recycling an old box or pallets or by mounting some wooden planks. In any case, the final result is a very practical and very useful garden accessory. A wooden planter with a grid can also be adopted in order to develop climbing plants, flowers and young specimens vertically. These types of planters are also perfect if placed on the terrace or balcony and are integrated with a panel of variable height. The result is very elegant and refined, however this wooden planter is heavier than traditional models.

Wooden planter: How to clean and maintain it

To best present a wooden planter, it is necessary to pay close attention to cleaning and carry out fairly constant maintenance over time. To eliminate traces of limescale and dirt stains, the surface must be cleaned with a cloth and a suitable detergent: in fact, the specimens must be periodically disinfected. First of all, dry leaves and parts of the plant that are damaged or dead must be removed; if the cultivated specimens are perennial, it is advisable to extract all the clod in order to clean the inside of the container. In this case, the operation must be carried out gently, paying close attention, so as not to damage the roots. To clean a wooden planter more thoroughly, a mixture of water and vinegar is used. If the model is with grating,

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