Wooden structures for outdoors

The most common wooden structures for outdoors

The garden is the area of ​​the house reserved for recreation and relaxation, to be furnished with intelligence and taste, taking care to combine the aesthetic aspect with utility. Among the various structures to be installed in the garden, the first place is reserved for those made of wood which, in addition to giving a high-level aesthetic, are resistant over time and simple to install and to maintain. There are several wooden buildings designed specifically to be placed in the garden and in any type of outdoor area, from pergolas to porches, from car covers to tool sheds, passing through the classic gazebos and comfortable outdoor wardrobes. . Thanks to the wooden structures for outdoors, the garden is transformed into a more liveable space with greater possibilities of use.

Pergolas and wooden porches

Pergolas are structures used as roofing for terraces, able to offer a comfortable shaded area that extends beyond the area sheltered by the structure. For even greater comfort, it is possible to combine the pergolas with practical and elegant sliding curtains. The pergola is also used to contain climbing plants.The porch is a garden structure leaning against the house and generally positioned near passage areas, such as the entrance or the kitchen. The porch allows to obtain a totally covered space, which can be destined for multiple uses. It is usually used to create a relaxation area or a dining area with an adjoining barbecue, but it is sometimes used as a shelter for the car, as it guarantees excellent coverage.

Gazebos and wooden wardrobes for outdoors

The gazebo is one of the most common garden structures. Its function is to guarantee a small covered space, suitable for refreshment, conversation and relaxation. Beyond the practical aspect, the gazebo is a very popular tool due to its aesthetic beauty. Moreover, with a simple side cover, the gazebo can also be used during the winter period.The wooden wardrobes for outdoors are very useful structures, which allow you to store inside the various tools to be used for the care of the garden , such as watering cans, hoes and rakes, as well as other accessories such as barbecues and folding chairs. The outdoor cabinets can be installed in any position, but for maximum stability, it is recommended to fix them to the wall.

Outdoor wooden structures: Garden houses and car covers

The wooden houses are very common outdoor constructions. There are different sizes and can be used as a storage room to keep tools, bicycles and agricultural machinery such as motor hoes and mowers. They are particularly suitable for those who have land to cultivate and, thanks to their robustness and excellent thermal insulation, they prove to be a perfect accommodation for any type of object. Car covers are among the most common outdoor wooden structures. There are two different types of wooden car covers: carports and garages. Carports are semi-open structures, offering full top coverage and partial side coverage, with free entry. Garages, on the other hand, are closed structures,

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