Wooden structures for tools

First of all, compliance with current legislation

The first thing to do before building a wooden structure for terraces is to make sure that it is built in accordance with the law, that is, that a building abuse is not committed. Otherwise, the risk is that the municipality of residence, having ascertained the abuse, may request the demolition of the structure. The risk is also to receive a financial penalty. The construction of canopies for terraces, in fact, are seen as real extensions of the house. They create a kind of additional volume and therefore require a specific permission. Some judgments on this subject have stressed that in order not to receive any permits, the canopies must be «precarious» or must be removable once the function for which they were built ceases.

Wood: a classic material that lasts over time

The best material for wooden structures for terraces is certainly wood, a material resistant to all possible weather conditions, cold, water, snow, heat and therefore capable of lasting a long time. Spruce or pine are the best qualities for structures of this kind. But above all, a wooden pergola will blend perfectly with the exterior of your home, giving a style that is both classic and rustic that will surely amaze your guests. For the realization you can certainly rely on experts. However, if you are good at DIY on the net, you can find many guides on how to make DIY garden pergolas and canopies. Furthermore, if you love the environment, the construction of wooden structures for the chosen terrace make sure you make a choice that safeguards the

Tastefully furnish a wooden pergola for terraces

Furnishing wooden structures for terraces is certainly the most delicious phase that there can be. Even with a limited budget it is possible to find extraordinary and original solutions. First of all, it is possible to close the structure with light materials, such as PVC for example so as to create a sort of winter garden that can also be used during the winter months. We assure you, in fact, how similar structures on sunny days even in winter are able to recreate a rather warm environment. But above all we can transform our outdoor space into a living room where you can relax during the hot summer days, perhaps reading a book or sipping a drink. Or, we can simply make our structure become the most classic of outdoor dining rooms by placing a nice table in the center.

Wooden structures for tools: Maintenance of wooden structures for terraces and gardens

Taking care of your own wooden structure for terraces is a rather simple operation but one that must be done periodically. Wood is basically a material that can be neglected to a certain extent. Its resistance allows it to resist even for years but, if we give it a little help, we can extend its life. It is sufficient every two to three years to provide a thorough cleaning of the wooden surface and to pass an impregnating agent which has the purpose of protecting the wood from the elements. This operation must be performed if the wood is not painted. Otherwise it will be necessary to first remove the paint layer, clean the surface thoroughly from possible residues and then pass the impregnating agent at least twice. Be sure to spread the primer well if you decide to repaint the structure.

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