Wooden swimming pools

Pool and style

Owning a personal swimming pool in your garden is not only an incredible and fantastic dream to cultivate for your future; many times it happens that a person wants to own a swimming pool to make their property take a step forward in terms of style and elegance. It is obvious that then the primary utility of the pool comes out inexorably and together with it also the desire to take a relaxing and relaxing bath in it, but it is not at all rare – and we repeat ourselves – that this is not the only thought that drives a person to buy a swimming pool (or have it built, which is the same). Television, cinema, advertising and all the other means of mass communication by which we are literally surrounded, they do not miss any opportunity to paint before our eyes a portrait of the world and society very different from the one that could actually be found looking at it with an attentive and objective eye. We refer to all those manias that very often arise and feed on advertising, where by advertising we do not only mean that of advice for purchases, but also and above all that which shows us (often exaggerating) the lifestyles of rich and famous people. , making us believe that to live well and be in society we must imitate them at all costs. This is why there are people who sign bills of exchange daily to be able to afford the car or the garment with which to appear in public, or many other things like that; it also happens for the swimming pool,

Wood, a noble material

Far too many people, who speak rightly because Mother Nature gave them this faculty, judge wood as a rough and rough material, by peasants and poor men, old and past, relegated to houses and places of low importance. These are merciless and unjust judgments, and very often they come out of the vocal cords of people who then spend thousands of euros to furnish their living room with fine parquet, failing to understand that that is simply wood, properly treated and it is obvious, but remains wood. Well, also scientific and technical studies of engineering and materials science have shown that wood, when properly positioned, can offer resistance to stress in relation to its very high weight, and therefore is also suitable for some types of constructions. But not only, apart from the technical nobility it possesses, wood can also boast an innate elegance, a brightness that derives from its completely natural origin, which manages to decorate the most varied environments with simplicity but also with extreme taste. Not surprisingly, it is chosen to furnish floors (with the previously mentioned parquet), but also walls and ceilings, like the Nordic cultures who also love the power of wood to contain the penetration of cold from the outside towards the inside of the house. .

The wooden pool

But is it possible to think of a combination between swimming pool and wood? Sensationally (but not so much, given the aforementioned qualities of this material) we can say yes. First of all we have to clarify: wood can undergo an infinite series of treatments, useful for the most disparate purposes, even those to make it fireproof (and this is noteworthy, since wood is the main material for fireplaces) and waterproof. We will certainly not be here to explain these procedures, but it is enough to know that with appropriate techniques you can make the wood very resistant to water and infiltrations. By probing the pool market, it is found that the wood is very stylized to cover the edges and access platforms to the swimming pools, while it is scarcely used for the internal lining of the swimming pool. This is due to the fact that the treatment makes the wood waterproof, but not to a continuous and heavy exposure such as that for the inside of a swimming pool, where mechanical and resistance qualities are also required that some treatments could invalidate. It is for this reason that wood is very stylized for the edges of swimming pools and to furnish and embellish the immediate outline of the pool itself.

The style of wood

The solution that sees the wooden cladding for the outline of the pool is a solution that involves a real positive transformation of the garden or of the place in general where the pool is located: there is a real leap forward in terms of elegance and style, thanks to that touch of fine naturalness that wood gives, a kind of “parquet effect” for the living room, but carried outside. This is a highly sought-after effect, also because wood is quite cheap, while it is the treatments it must undergo to perform these tasks that are charged a little more for fashion and style needs.

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