Wooden terrace cover

How to choose the cover for a wooden terrace

All those who have a garden in all likelihood have carved out a comfortable corner for moments of recreation during the beautiful days: whether a terrace is a bench in the shade of a tree, it must still be the most comfortable and pleasant place. possible. Those who have a terrace know well that wooden decking is the best material to make this place beautiful and welcoming, and it fits perfectly with a natural context such as that of the garden. Wooden decking is also the perfect material to get to work and make a beautiful roof for a wooden terraceto make the external environment usable throughout the year, in autumn as in winter, even with rain or snow. There are many types of outdoor decking wood available on the market nowadays, so it’s not really a problem to find the one to lose your mind for in no time. And if this does not happen, it is possible to combine different types of decking wood, or to paint the wood with your favorite shades.

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How to structure the wooden terrace and the roof

What’s more warm and welcoming than a splendid wooden terrace, also complete with a roof to make it accessible at any time of the year? The wood used must be pressure treated to class IV, because this process will be able to increase its life, or you can focus on exotic woods such as Ipe, Cumaru Jatoba or, in general, all those types of wood that do not tend to rot easily. Having a terrace built by a professional can obviously be very expensive, while if you don’t have much experience with DIY and bricolage, the construction of the terrace and its wooden roof can turn into a disaster if you don’t follow the correct guidelines. guide. Before starting, it is very important to think about what the future terrace will look like. You can start viewing thewood terrace covering through drawings and projects. Never overlook the small details. You have to think about what will be placed on top of the decking boards, the weight they will have to support, and then mark the outline of the structure and consider the height and dimensions.

How to lay wooden decking boards

To ensure the stability of the terrace, and therefore its duration over time, it is first necessary to create a sturdy structure with joists or beams on which the boards can be defined. Non-load-bearing beams can be used when decking boards are used for cover a terraceexisting or a concrete base. Fasten everything using special screws suitable for fixing wood to concrete, or use dowels passed into the concrete.If the structure is to be supported on plastic or concrete feet, then it is better to use joists. The bigger they are, the more weight they will be able to bear. Use a support foot every 40cm for pine decking and every 60cm for exotic wood. The support feet must be stable and placed on a solid base so that the structure does not move over time.

Wooden terrace covering: How to complete the wooden terrace covering

The beams must be parallel and positioned every 30 – 35cm. They must be firmly attached to the support feet. Once you have established that the joists or rafters are level, you can attach the decking boards. Leave a few millimeters between each board to allow the water to filter easily. Use stainless steel or chrome screws, which are more weather resistant and won’t rust. When laying the exotic wood planks it is advisable to drill holes for the screws, in order to prevent breakage from occurring. To finish the terrace you need to check that the edges are perfectly straight and build a frame around the edges with some wooden planks to hide the support structure. And here is the roof for the wooden terrace ready.

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