Wooden terraces

The charm of wooden terraces

Probably anyone lucky enough to have a backyard can also enjoy a comfortable place for recreation and leisure. Wood is the perfect material to make this outdoor place more beautiful and add some warmth to it. Wood is also able to add a natural touch, which never hurts. There are many types of wood for terrace flooring available on the market nowadays, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find the one that will make you fall in love at first sight in a short time. If not, it is possible to focus on combining different types of wood for the flooring of an area or another solution could be to paint the material with the preferred wood shade. Possibly,

Making wooden terraces is usually easier than handling stone or concrete, and is also a cheaper choice. Perhaps not everyone knows that it is possible to make wooden terraces with your own hands, using some basic tools and following some simple instructions. First, of course, measurements must be taken on the spot where the future wooden terrace will bewill take shape. It is enough to sketch out a plan to understand what kind of final result you want to achieve. There is no need to work on a professional plan, even a rough sketch can do just fine. At this point we proceed by adding the measurements for length, width and height. Once the plan is finished, it is advisable to take it to the specialized shop closest to home to ask for an expert’s opinion on the most suitable type of wood with which you will work and set up the wooden terrace.

Seek the advice of a specialist

The advice of a specialist in the sector is essential to also understand the amount of wood necessary for the construction of the terrace, always based on the sketch made previously. The next step is to level the land on which the terrace will be built. This obviously depends a lot on the type of outdoor space you have available. For example, if you are working in an open space, you will need to apply a layer of gravel to help drain rainwater. Otherwise, that is, if you are working on a pre-existing concrete bridge or on a flat roof, there will be no need to apply this procedure. Once this is done, a basic structure must be built to be strengthened with crosspieces.

Of course, work of this type, in some cases, requires the supervision of an expert. For example, in case you are building a wooden terraceon a roof, calling a professional can be essential to check if the whole building will be strong enough to support the weight of different people and objects, depending of course on what you are going to put on the terrace. In fact, not all roofs are necessarily strong enough to allow excessive loads. Once the expert has given the green light, then at this point you can think of the most pleasant aspect of all the work: the furniture. Wood in itself manages to offer an elegant and pleasant environment, so it will be enough to choose furnishing elements that blend with the surrounding environment. Table, chairs, umbrellas, even a swing if space allows, in short, all the essentials to fully enjoy your well-deserved space in the open air.

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