Wrought iron garden furniture

The elegance of the material

When it comes to garden furniture, the choice of material is as important as that relating to the aesthetic effect of the individual pieces of furniture: the material, in fact, first of all determines the technical characteristics of the piece of furniture that you have chosen to buy, to be taken into high consideration especially for furniture and furnishing elements to be placed in open spaces, without shelter from atmospheric agents. In addition, the material directly affects the appearance of the furniture. As far as wrought iron is concerned, it offers the guarantee of furniture and furnishing elements with a delicate but at the same time elegant appearance: wrought iron allows to create a structure with a sinuous trend and a highly decorative line. The insertion of wrought iron interior of the surrounding space can therefore take place in a harmonious way, without creating heavy detachments with any elements already present and without entering into contrast with the materials, colors and atmospheres that already characterize the space to be furnished. Wrought iron can be painted, to give a touch of color to the entire surrounding space, or be kept in its natural color, equally elegant and decorative, capable of enhancing the rooms.

Characteristics of wrought iron

Wrought iron is a material that stands out for its malleability during processing: rigorously worked according to artisanal methods, wrought iron when it reaches the right temperature can be easily forged creating the design or motif that you want to impress on the structure. realization phase, giving life to custom-made furniture designed specifically for those who will use them. Wrought iron is the material that best lends itself, therefore, to custom making, as it is easily workable. At the same time, the material retains all the advantages and characteristics of iron: it is extremely solid and resistant to shocks, sudden changes in temperature, exposure to heat or cold. Wrought iron is a heavy material, which guarantees the solidity of the structure made, ensuring durability over time and therefore ideal for making furniture to be kept in open spaces, where the attacks of atmospheric agents are more evident and more aggressive. Usually, tables, chairs, lounges, benches, benches, structures for vases and planters are made in wrought iron: everything that needs a solid structure can find the ideal material for realization in wrought iron.


Despite the characteristics of resistance and adaptability to different types of environments, even wrought iron has its Achilles heel: exposure to excessive humidity or rain can favor the formation of rust over time. It is a very dangerous enemy for iron, since in addition to the evident damage from an aesthetic point of view, rust also involves a structural weakening of the iron, which if not countered can compromise the stability and resistance of the furniture itself. Usually, the furnishing elements made of wrought iron already have the correct treatment with special protective paints during the sale phase; however, with the passage of time, it is advisable to opt for periodic checks, to be able to intervene in the event of the disappearance of the paint layer and the formation of rust. In this case, it is good to provide for the total elimination of the rust or, in the most serious cases, for the replacement of the affected part of the furniture, and then go over the protective paint layer, thus avoiding new onset of the problem.

Wrought iron garden furniture: The purchase

The purchase of wrought iron garden furniture is particularly suitable for all those who are looking for elegant but essential and not too invasive furnishing elements, which respond to certain characteristics of resistance and practicality. Wrought iron, in fact, is not recommended if you want furniture that is easy to move, unless it is a small piece of furniture, precisely because of the weight it can carry; on the contrary, if you are looking for furniture to be placed permanently in the garden, which can guarantee stability in case of bad weather, wrought iron proves to be the ideal material. Since it is a material with a high possibility of customization during processing, wrought iron furniture can stand out on the market for its

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