Yellow tulips

The meaning of tulips in the language of flowers

When you think of tulips, Holland comes to mind with its immense expanses of these colorful flowers, but in truth the tulip has Persian origins and its history is closely intertwined with that of the Ottoman Empire; it was a symbol heavily used in the art and culture of the time. As a sort of Persian version of the rose, the tulip is the symbol of love and passion but with its simple shape it adapts to many occasions and to many different associations that vary according to color: the tulip can be a dedication for a mother or a baby but also for a lover or someone we crave. The name tulip comes from a word meaning “hat, turban” and clearly refers to the shape of the flower which resembles an upside-down headdress.

Yellow tulips meaning

Tulips are flowers whose meaning is very variable depending on the color. In particular, yellow tulips, over time, have been the subject of very contrasting interpretations: according to some they are flowers to be associated with unfortunate feelings such as unrequited love, unrequited fidelity, uncertain intentions, according to other sources, on the contrary , it is a flower that can be traced back to devotion and optimism, ideal for wishing good health and above all for wishing a good day. Currently it is often associated with births, particularly in spring, the period during which the flower develops its maximum flowering; tulips are given to new mothers as a wish for a prosperous future for the newcomer. In rare cases they are used for funeral flower arrangements.

The interpretations that are given to this flower are many. In general, yellow flowers are associated with the sun and therefore with optimistic feelings but are not considered a good omen in romantic relationships. Dreaming of yellow tulips means that something new and positive is about to happen and that we will be ready to take advantage of new opportunities coming. The shape of the flower resembles a hat or a cup and therefore something it contains; in this sense the immediate association is that with the uterus and the maternal figure: it is no coincidence that the tulip is a flower often given on Mother’s Day. But the association with an important woman can also concern his wife or girlfriend: the yellow tulip it symbolizes a lively relationship that is never boring but always sparkling even if you clash frequently.

Yellow tulips photo

In the East the tulip was considered a good luck charm, before the battles soldiers wore underwear with a stylized tulip embroidered on it as a good omen. The sultans used tulips as a source of pride to show off their power and wealth as it was a very expensive flower that at the time only people belonging to the wealthiest social classes could afford to buy. Now the tulips are on the contrary a symbol of simplicity and lightness, the yellow ones are used to create colorful compositions which are combined with bags containing small chocolate eggs to celebrate Easter. Mottled yellow tulips are a dedication for people whose gaze is particularly intense;

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