Ylang ylang essential oil

How it is produced

Ylang ylang oil is obtained through a distillation process that is carried out a few hours after harvesting the flower, when it is still fresh. The aforementioned practice is widely used in the world of perfumery, as it allows to obtain high quality extracts that preserve both the flagrance and the original beneficial properties of the plant. In fact, the distillation process consists in concentrating a current of vapor on the flower, which will thus lose all its volatile substances. It will be the latter that, once cooled, will separate into small droplets and will form the essential oil. There are generally three levels of quality, the parameters of which are established by the various production governments and whose classification determines the purpose of the product.

The property

The essential oil of ylang ylang, in addition to its special fragrance, is also famous for its strong aphrodisiac properties, able to help in case of impotence and frigidity. However, there are many other important properties that should not be forgotten at all: among all, the most renowned are certainly the relaxing and revitalizing ones, which help to calm the body in moments of anxiety, stress or tachycardia. In addition, this essence is a real panacea for beauty, as it tones the skin and cares for even the most damaged hair. Finally, its beneficial effects on the nervous system should not be overlooked. Several scientific studies have recently shown that a treatment based on ylang ylang essential oil can significantly reduce depression, insomnia and nervous tension.

Indications for external use

Due to its liquid consistency, ylang ylang essential oil is extremely versatile. If you want to use it externally, for example, you can dilute a few drops of the extract in a room diffuser or in the water of a bathtub. In this way, the aromatic properties of the flower will be exploited, which will result in greater psycho-physical serenity and the lowering of stress and tachycardia levels. Another method widely used by women, however, is to add a drop of oil to the jar of a cream or shampoo. In fact, once the product has been applied, the action of ylang ylang will help reduce the production of excess sebum and strengthen the health of the hair. It is also possible to dilute a few drops of oil in the massaging lotions.

Ylang ylang essential oil: Indications for internal use

If ingested, ylang ylang extract can significantly relieve ailments caused by hypertension, tachycardia and abdominal heaviness. In cases of accelerated heart rate, for example, it may be useful to add a drop of ylang ylang to a teaspoon of honey to melt in the mouth. To treat, or at least sedate, abdominal disorders such as dysentery or gastritis, however, it is recommended to prepare a cup of tea with 2-3 drops of ylang ylang essential oil and a teaspoon of honey. We remind you, however, that before taking any oil or natural remedy, it is essential to ask for the consent of your GP. He will check for any allergies and can also indicate the most appropriate quantities for your body.

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