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DIY mosquito nets Brico

The stores of the Brico company are many and distributed throughout Italy: they have excellent and practical products both for hardware stores and for home and DIY. At one of the many Brico stores you can find a wide range of DIY insect screen models. For example, you can choose the practical mosquito nets model paaz05 which are aluminum panels composed of two pieces of 50×70 cm size suitable for windows. Or you can opt for the pretty pleated insect screen in brown, 100×160 cm in size, also reducible, suitable for French windows and available in a practical do-it-yourself kit. The roller insect screen is also very convenient and easy to install: in particular the do-it-yourself Brico insect screen, roller model, has a friction spring and is perfect for all 120 x 170 cm windows. It is available in brown, it has a vertical movement and can be reduced both in height and in width. If, on the other hand, you have special measures or you want to build it yourself, you can buy the gray mosquito net with a tight mesh for all mosquitoes and insects such as spiders or flies.

Do it yourself mosquito nets obi

With Obi’s numerous do-it-yourself mosquito nets proposals you can effectively fight mosquitoes so as not to let them enter the house anymore. The Obi company has many shops scattered throughout Italy: its products, dedicated to the home, garden and DIY, are practical, of quality and have a very affordable price. Many solutions to live peacefully without annoying insects are on sale at OBI. Every year mosquitoes thrive in our garden and on our balconies and to combat this phenomenon Obi offers many solutions and products. Many models of do-it-yourself mosquito nets are available at the numerous Obi stores: from those for doors and windows, to tear-off mosquito nets, from roll-up ones to pleated or paneled mosquito nets.

Do it yourself mosquito nets prices

The prices of do-it-yourself mosquito nets are very different from each other and vary not only according to the model, the materials with which they are made and the size, but also by the retailer to whom it is addressed. For example, if you buy mosquito nets directly from the factory you certainly have a considerable saving, especially if there are many windows or balconies that you need to protect from mosquitoes. If, on the other hand, you go to one of the Leroy Merlin stores you can buy excellent do-it-yourself mosquito nets at definitely competitive prices: for example, you can buy the cheapest black mosquito net suitable for windows, with an excellent adhesive fastening, for less than 3 euros. If you want an intermediate quality product, you can buy the roll-up insect screen with vertical opening. It has the clutch and fixing with screws and dowels: the cost is about 60 euros. If you want to buy a do-it-yourself insect screen at the highest level, you can buy, again at Leroy Merlin, the cherry wood insect screen with horizontal opening, sliding door and adjustable clutch. The thickness is 46 mm, the fixing is without screws and the cost is just under 300 euros.

DIY Mosquito Net: DIY Mosquito Net Kit

Almost all shops that sell do-it-yourself mosquito nets have several models of mosquito nets that are sold in complete kits for easy mounting on your windows or patio doors. For example, at the Suncover shop you can buy the roller insect screen in a handy DIY kit for the window of dimensions 80 X 170 with the spring control, the totally aluminum structure, the resistant fabric and very easy to clean. This type of DIY mosquito net comes complete with anti-snap blocks to make it safe for children and pets. Even at one of the Leroy Merlin stores you can buy a do-it-yourself insect screen available in a convenient kit for assembly: for example, you can choose the white insect screen in kit with dimensions 80 x 170 cm suitable for windows: it can be rolled up with vertical opening, it has an adjustable friction, a thickness of 45 mm and the fixing is easy, without screws. If, on the other hand, you want a more refined model, you can buy the cherry wood insect screen in a convenient window kit, with vertical opening and adjustable clutch: its fixing is without screws.

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