Zen fountain

Zen fountain

Many of us will wonder what exactly is a Zen fountain? Like the Zen garden, these are elements that come from Eastern cultures, and were introduced to the West mostly as a matter of fashion and style; however, the Zen fountain is not only a decorative element, but it is something more! As for the Zen garden, it has a deep meaning and closely linked to the meanings of feng shui and energetic movements. Its function is to relax and rebalance it. spirit and mind, through the sounds and the energetic channeling that they create. Nowadays we see all kinds, but the original is that of stone and bamboo. Bamboo is the symbolic plant of reiki. Hard but flexible, hollow inside like the channels of our body where energy passes, it is a very important symbol for the true function of the Zen fountain. The stones represent stability, the firm and solid mind. The water that comes out of the bamboo symbolically represents the elements of water and wind. Falling over the stones, the water creates a sound capable of relaxing and warding off negative thoughts and energies.

DIY Zen Fountain

There are also other traditional models, made with sea shells or with terracotta jars, but surely the bamboo Zen fountain can be considered the most original.Whatever model you choose, however, the simplicity of the materials needed, and the simplicity of the fountain itself make it possible to building a zen fountain do dates. In fact, the construction of this garden or interior element does not require any specific skills, but only a good dose of patience and desire to create. Let’s say that perhaps with the construction, the therapeutic effect of the fountain itself begins. Choose, even by viewing on the Internet, the model you would like most to have; get an idea of ​​the elements that compose it and the materials. Surely the inspiration will help you to proceed with the development of the work,

Building zen fountain

As already mentioned, building a Zen fountain is a fairly simple operation if you have the desire and a little imagination. Of course, time is also of the essence, but if you are reading this guide surely desire and time are not things you lack for DIY. Once you have chosen the model, you can move on to the purchase of materials. A common element for any model zen fountain is the water pump. You can easily find it in any aquarium shop. You will also need a bowl and a sheet of plexiglass cut to size. The other materials will depend on the model you choose. They could be clay bowls. , bamboo or shells. Waterproof glue and the decorations you like the most are also essential materials for your Zen fountain.

How to build a Zen fountain

The construction of the Zen fountain is quite simple as already mentioned. Here are the instructions to build one in bamboo.The bowl will be the base of our fountain. It can be of any material, but in this case, that of the bamboo zen fountain, wood is recommended. Have the plexiglass sheet cut to the same shape as the bowl, but slightly smaller, to make sure that it fits snugly. The plexiglass sheet will then have to be pierced. You can do it yourself with the drill or you can ask the DIY store where you buy it that will cut it to size, to do this service too.Place the pump in the bowl and place the plexigas sheet making sure that the pipes can come out. The bamboo cane from which the water will come out will be glued to the plexiglass sheet. The pump tubes will pass inside the bamboo rod. Fill the bowl with water, cover the plexiglass sheet with the decorations you like best, and turn on. Your Zen fountain is ready!

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