Amatilla bignonia (Tacoma stans)

When arranging our garden we have many options available to be able to surround it with the best elements that give it the color we want. It is there where we begin to investigate which plants would be the best in our patio depending on what we are looking for at that moment.

The Tacoma stans is a wonderful shrub that has incredible colors that can give you that special touch you long for your home. You can place it in any corner of the house, garden or any space that you have free at this time. Today we will know a little more about this plant, we will see how it is grown, its main characteristics and some pests that can affect it. You can not lose this!


Its yellow leaves up to 25 cm long make it visible from many meters away, where its 10 meters high and its pleasant leafiness stand out.

It is native to the forests of Latin America, specifically Venezuela, Colombia and part of Central America. In general, and when summer arrives, they are stripped of leaves but with the passing of the days they turn yellow in color that is used to decorate the streets, houses, gardens and any playground.

It is important to monitor it when it blooms to do its respective cleaning, where all the excess leaves and flowers are extracted so that the new ones can emerge without problems.

What uses does it have?

Apart from the aesthetic use offered by its extraordinary beauty, this plant has different properties that are very useful to society.

Its wood is highly appreciated by people, so this type of tree is planted to take advantage of it and use it in different products that we find in the market. Its admirers confess that one of the reasons why they grow this plant is because of its pleasant vanilla smell that permeates the whole place that surrounds it, giving it a unique special touch.

It also has innumerable curative properties that are used in the medical industry to solve different diseases and ailments that repeatedly affect us. Asthma, diabetis, dengue, colic, diarrhea, urinary and gastrointestinal diseases, anemia, toothache, respiratory, gynecological diseases, gastritis, etc.

In this way, there are many benefits that it can offer us if we cultivate it in the correct way.


Despite its beauty, this species needs constant vigilance, since it has the characteristic of growing enormously in short periods of time, running the risk of becoming invasive. Always keep a special scissors at hand to cut the branches that are shedding their leaves.

It is a shrub that loves the sun and hates the cold, so you must make sure that the place where you are going to have it has enough heat and that the sun’s rays arrive constantly so that it does not suffer more than it should.

It likes cool, sandy soils with a lot of drainage so that it can develop freely. Make sure the water doesn’t stagnate in the soil so it doesn’t affect its main roots.

By growing so much they could damage a cable or building that we have at that time.

In this sense, it is important that before planting it, make sure that the place is open enough so that it can grow without worrying about what is around it. When it reaches great heights it can be a windbreaker, so think carefully if you have the appropriate space for it.


This plant is grown through its seeds and must be stored for six months at room temperature to maintain its initial properties. Cuttings can also be used to multiply them.

Possible diseases

It is a plant quite resistant to pests, insects and any other disease that they usually have. It never hurts to have some fertilizer and a special medicine prescribed by specialists if a last minute setback happens.

This is the most relevant information you should know about Tacoma stans. It is definitely a wonderful plant that provides many benefits for our family. Pay close attention to the selected place so that it does not generate problems with its growth and you can take advantage of all its benefits.

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