Ficus Danielle (Ficus benjamina ‘Danielle’)

There are many plants that are thought to be indoors but then negatively surprise us, but that is not the case with Ficus Danielle, a variety widely used to decorate homes.

Even so, it is very important to take into account your needs, since otherwise we would end up spending money for nothing.

Origin and characteristics

It is a variety of Ficus whose scientific name is Ficus benjamina ‘Danielle’. It is native to India, the Philippines and Malaysia, and reaches a height of up to 30 meters if it is grown in the ground, and up to 4m if it is kept in a pot. The leaves are evergreen, about 4cm long by up to 2cm wide, of a glossy dark green color.

It has a single trunk with smooth, light brown bark, but they are usually sold with 2 or more intertwined specimens. In addition, it is important to say that it is an air purifying plant, in particular, it is effective against ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

What are their cares?

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If you want to have a copy, then we explain how to take care of it:

  • Location:
    • Exterior: in the sun or in semi-shade.
    • Indoor: in a bright room, and away from drafts.
  • Land:
    • Garden: it is not demanding, but if the soil is very rich in organic matter and has good drainage it will grow better.
    • Pot: can be filled with universal growing substrate, or with a mixture of mulch and perlite in equal parts.
  • Watering: the frequency of watering will be rather moderate. About 3-4 times a week in summer (2-3 if you are indoors), and about 2 a week the rest (1 if you are at home).
  • Subscriber: from the beginning of spring to the end of summer with fertilizers for green plants, or with homemade ones.
  • Rusticity: it does not like the cold, but if it is kept in a sheltered place it can withstand weak frosts down to -2ºC.

Enjoy your Ficus Danielle.

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