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Cherry Van characteristics

The cherry is a fruit tree of which there are many varieties, and one of them is the Van. Its care and maintenance is the same as that of others, but it is one of the most interesting due to its high productivity and its excellent taste.

Would you like to know what is the origin and characteristics of the Van cherry tree? Well let’s go there .

Where are you from?

The Van cherry tree is a fruit tree that, like all cherry trees, has a scientific name that is Prunus avium. This truth was obtained in Canada by the Summerland research station, in a year that is not clear, but it does know that it was between 1936 and 1944.

It is a plant that is widely used to obtain new varieties, such as: Canada Giant, Celeste, Cristalina, Satin or Sunburst, among others.

What are their characteristics?

The tree has a semi-erect bearing, and is vigorous ; so it can be grown in medium to large gardens or orchards. It is self-sterile, which means it needs a non-sterile variety for pollination. To produce a good quantity of fruit, it needs 668 hours of cold temperature below 7ºC. Only then can you harvest them more or less towards the month of April in the northern hemisphere.

Once they are ripe, you will see that they are 27-28mm in size, with a reniform shape and a very attractive garnet color. The color of the pulp is dark red, and it is firm in consistency. In addition, it has good resistance to cracking, and if this were to occur, it would normally be in the apical area.

It is also important to bear in mind that it is sensitive to virosis (a disease transmitted by viruses, which cause mosaic-like spots on the leaves), and to monilia (a disease transmitted by fungi that affect the fruits, spoiling them). Fortunately, the latter can be avoided by not wetting the fruits when watered and treating the tree with fungicides. For bacteria, the most effective thing is to buy healthy plants, since they are very difficult to eliminate.


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