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What are the varieties of olive trees?

There is only one of Olea europaea, but there are a few more varieties of olive trees depending on the area where it has been raised since its evolution began or the artificial selection that has been made.

Thus, today we have more than 30, and only in Spain. Know the most important ones.


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It is one of the oldest varieties; moreover, it is believed that the Phoenicians introduced it to the peninsula. With 6,000 hectares of olive groves, it stands out for its resistance against diseases and its flavor.

Gordal Sevillana

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It is the most appreciated table olive, produced, as its name suggests, by the Sevillian olive trees. Its size is large, and the most interesting thing is that it can also be used to produce oil. Although yes, it is prone to wiring, hence the bitterness has to be removed with caustic soda to improve quality.


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It is a variety grown especially in Castellón, although it has 20,000 hectares of olive groves throughout the Mediterranean. Of great yield, the olives are destined to oil mills to produce olive oil.


Grown on some 265,000 hectares across the country, it is the third most important variety. We find it especially in Córdoba, and it is produced for table olives, but it must also be said that its oil is delicious.


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It is the most important by far, growing in more than 1 million hectares throughout the country, but especially in Jaén. Its productivity is very high, and as an oil it is exquisite. In fact, all this means that more and more is planted both in the fields of production and subsequent sale, as well as in private gardens.


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Originally from Córdoba, it is a very rustic variety with great productivity that is used as table olives and as oil, the latter produced in oil mills where they extract an extra virgin oil from this fruit with a flavor that leaves no one indifferent.

Do you know other varieties of olive trees?

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