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What is it, why is it formed and what uses does the coconut apple have?

The coconut stands out for being known as the tropical fruit par excellence, it is born in large palm trees called coconut trees, which are the most cultivated palm tree worldwide.

Most people tend to have a slight passion for both pulp and coconut milk; However, not many know that this fruit has another and equally exquisite part, called the Coconut Apple. That is why we will be talking about it below, so that more people can get to know it and enjoy its delicious flavor.

How is it formed?

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify that its name is not due to the fact that the apple and the coconut are familiar in some way, but rather the sponge that forms and develops inside the coconut is known as the coconut apple.

This sponge begins to form the moment the coconut detaches itself from the palm tree and falls to the ground, so after a few months the water it has inside becomes a sponge, which not only nourishes, but also it also serves to germinate the birth of a new plant that will later become a coconut tree.

The coconut apple is characterized by being juicy and having a really sweet flavor when it is tender; however, it always maintains a little of that sweetness and is just as delicious as each of the riches offered by the coconut tree.

It is only possible to consume the coconut apple when it is within its first germination periods, measuring between 3-15cm, so it is necessary to wait until the stem is approximately 25cm to be able to enjoy the best phase of an apple of coconut.


The coconut apple has a rounded shape and a sweet taste; In addition, it has a peculiar and thick cream which has granules typical of this fruit. It has a spongy texture, very similar to that of cotton, it has a sweet aroma and a distinctive cream color.

It is presented as a great natural source, through whose consumption it is possible to obtain a high supply of both minerals and vitamins.

What uses does this fruit have?

At present, the coconut apple is usually highly valued due to its subtle flavor and how delicate it is to get it, since it is only edible when its stem grows about 25 cm long, although this is not yet well known.

It is possible to use it grated as an ingredient to prepare salads, ice cream, sweets and/ or simply consume it naturally. In the same way and because it has each of the benefits of coconut, it can be used for the following purposes:

As a moisturizer

As it has a high water content, it is considered the perfect ally to keep the body properly hydrated.

To fight bacteria

Its intake allows to effectively combat the presence of bacteria in the body, which is due to its contribution of lauric acid. Apart from this, it also optimizes the immune system.

As a laxative and diuretic

It is a great winger when it comes to dealing with fluid retention, because it has very good diuretic properties. In addition, and thanks to its high fiber content, it has an effective laxative effect.

To reduce stress

Because it has relaxing properties, eating coconut apple can significantly reduce stress levels.

In conclusion, it can be said that although it is possible that the coconut apple turns out to be rare and somewhat unknown due to how laborious it is to get it; the truth is that undoubtedly, it is a fruit that has every one of the benefits that nature can offer, a pleasant texture along with a delicate and sweet flavor.

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