Populus canadensis

Fast-growing trees are very interesting plants, as they allow us to have a beautiful garden without having to wait too long. This time I am going to talk to you about Populus canadensis, which is known as Canada’s black poplar.

It reaches an impressive height, but its trunk is thin enough that it can be grown in medium gardens. Let’s get to know it.

Origin and characteristics

Our protagonist is a hybrid tree that comes from the cross between Populus deltoides and Populus nigra, and probably from other species, whose scientific name is Populus x canadensis (although it is written more without the »x»: Populus canadensis ). It is known as poplar or Canadian poplar, and it is a tree that can reach a height of 30 meters.

The leaves are large, with triangular blades and serrated edges. During a good part of the year they are green, but in spring when they sprout they are reddish. The inflorescences are hanging, and those that are usually cultivated are almost always female. The seeds are covered in fluff that the wind blows away.

In Spain it is planted a lot, such as in the Ebro, Segura, Genil, Hoya de Guadix or Duero basins.

What are their cares?

If you want to have a copy, we recommend you provide the following care:

  • Location: outdoors, in full sun or in semi-shade.
  • Land:
    • Garden: cool, well drained. It must be at a minimum distance of 10 meters from paved floors, buildings and others.
    • Pot: universal growing substrate. But beware: it is not a tree to have in a container for many years.
  • Irrigation: frequent, since it grows in the meadows of the rivers. It tolerates waterlogging.
  • Subscriber: from the beginning of spring to the end of summer with ecological fertilizers, once a month.
  • Multiplication: by seeds in spring.
  • Rusticity: withstands cold and frost up to -8ºC, but excessive heat (35-40ºC) harms it.

What did you think of Populus canadensis ? Did you know him?

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