What is the climate of the maple?

When you want to acquire a plant, whatever it is, it is necessary to know its rusticity, since otherwise we would run the risk of spending money in vain. Some of the most popular trees in cultivation are those of the Acer genus, which is made up of 160 species.

All of them are beautiful, with their opposite leaves that usually change color in autumn before falling. For this reason, there are many of us who have or are going to have some specimen/ s in the garden or patio. But before we buy anything, let’s know what the maple climate is.

What is the right climate for maple?

Maple trees are deciduous trees or shrubs originating in the temperate and cold-temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, specifically the United States, Canada, from Europe to South and Southeast Asia, and we also find some in the extreme north of Africa.

These plants have adapted to live in conditions that have always been solid and are usually the same:

  • Temperatures: about 30ºC maximum and up to -18ºC minimum. Summers are mild, and frosts begin in autumn. In tropical climates they cannot live.
  • Rains: from 800 to 3000mm per year, spread throughout the year; in other words, there are no periods of drought as in the warmer Mediterranean.
  • Exposure: generally sunny, but there are many species that are semi-shady, such as Acer palmatum.

What is the care of maples?

Acer saccharinum// Image –

Now that we’ve seen what the right climate is for maples, it’s time to find out how to care for them:

  • Location: always outside. Place in semi-shade if in doubt where to put it.
  • Land:
    • Garden: fertile, slightly acidic (except if it is the Acer opalus, which will grow better in rather clay soil).
    • Pot: substrate for acidic plants. If you live in the Mediterranean, mix 70% of akadama with 30% kiryuzuna.
  • Irrigation: frequent. They have to be watered about 3-4 times a week in summer, and about 2 times a week the rest.
  • Subscriber: from early spring to late summer with organic fertilizers. If you have them in a pot, use liquid fertilizers such as guano that you can buy here following the instructions specified on the package.
  • Multiplication: by seeds in winter (they need to be cold before germinating).
  • Planting or transplanting time: late winter.

Enjoy your maples .

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