Accompanying plants of Swiss chard: What grows well with Swiss chard

Swiss chard is a green leafy vegetable, rich in vitamins and minerals, which tolerates higher temperatures and less drought more easily than other nutrient-rich vegetables such as spinach. Chard also has the advantage of being very decorative, making it perfect to accompany chard plants. Chard’s companion plants can be either vegetal in nature or purely aesthetic, such as perennial or annual flowers. What grows well with Swiss chard?

Planting companion with chard

Using companion plants for chard or other plants is a natural way to create diversity in the garden. A garden rich in diversity, in turn, will deter pests and diseases that seek out similar species. It also creates habitats that are refuges for beneficial creatures. Planting companion plants for chard eliminates some of the human involvement, allowing you to create a more organic garden.

When choosing chard mates, consider that the green becomes quite large at maturity, which can displace smaller plants. Choose chard mates that mature after the chard is ready to be harvested, so that they do not have too much shade.

What grows well with chard?

Many vegetables and flowers are suitable companions for chard. Tomato, one of the most popular vegetables, combines very well with Swiss chard. In addition, anything belonging to the cabbage or Brassica family lends itself quite well to chard cultivation, as does anything belonging to the Allium family.

Beans are an excellent companion plant to Swiss chard. Chard will be ready for harvest when the beans are prepared for accelerated growth and to shade the chard. Meanwhile, chard shades tender bean seedlings and helps retain soil moisture.

Radishes, lettuce and celery also grow in combination with chard.

Plants to avoid

As in life, man does not always get along with others, and so it is botanically in nature. Chard doesn’t get along with everyone. Take herbs, for example. Chard is not a fan of most herbs, with the exception of mint. These two are great garden companions.

Chard should also not be planted near potatoes, corn, cucumbers or melons. They will compete for all soil nutrients or encourage pests.

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