DIY greenhouses

DIY greenhouses: convenience

The reasons why we could choose to build DIY greenhouses, rather than buying one already made, are innumerable. First of all, eco-sustainability must be considered. In fact, nowadays, many of us who decide to cultivate our own small vegetable garden, do not do it just as a hobby. Among the reasons that create the new generation of «small farmers», there is that of eco-sustainability, that is, of taking organic products while avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases due to transport from the countryside to the shops. Therefore, limiting the cultivation of the vegetable garden only in summer is a pain, when you can build a greenhouse and benefit from the fruits of your labor even in winter. Furthermore, with a little imagination, the greenhouse can be built with recycled products,

DIY greenhouses: tunnel greenhouse

The simplest way to build a greenhouse is to build a tunnel one. The greenhouses DIYtunnel type, they are really very quick to assemble, and the materials they need are simple, very easily available on the market, as long as they are not already present at home. All you need is flexible but strong plastic poles and transparent plastic sheets. For plastic poles, plumbing poles, with a circumference of more or less than 1 centimeter, will do just fine. The plastic sheets, on the other hand, are the typical painters, those used to protect the soil. Be careful, however, of the latter there are various thicknesses, buy them at least two millimeters thick, otherwise a breath of wind will be enough to destroy them. Camping pegs would be just as useful, but not essential. To build your greenhouse, simply arch and stake the plastic poles. Cover them with the cloth, and fix it with wire. Your tunnel greenhouse is ready for use!

DIY greenhouses: house style

Clearly the tunnel greenhouse, in addition to being the most classic and economical to build, has some disadvantages. The height is limited, so not only will it not be possible to grow plants that grow very tall, but also entering the greenhouse for daily work will be somewhat inconvenient. Furthermore, in case of strong winds or thunderstorms, resistance is not guaranteed. So if you want to create DIY greenhousesmore resistant, practical, and aesthetically more beautiful, a small higher expense will be enough compared to that incurred for the greenhouse in the tunnel, and a few more hours of work. Get iron poles, or fairly strong wooden beams. These will be the only elements for the construction of the greenhouse frame. Assemble them as you wish, fasten them well with each other giving them the shape of a «little house». The walls and roof of this house must be of pre-cut plexiglass panels. Surely the result will be truly at the height of a luxury garden!

DIY greenhouses: economical alternatives

If you really want to give yourself to recycling and eco-sustainability, there are really tasty alternative ideas. For example, instead of buying plexiglass panels, you can recycle empty plastic bottles. By creating small cross cuts of about 1 centimeter in the bottom of the bottle, you can simply fit the neck of another bottle into the first one by applying light pressure. By doing so, it will be possible to create real columns of plastic bottles, which fixed in the base structure of the greenhouse, are excellent substitutes for plexiglass panels. Another idea is to take advantage of a wall and an old structure for outdoor blinds. With a plastic sheet you can create a greenhouse that can be opened at any time.

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