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Among the absolutely fundamental tools for a vegetable garden, the first that comes to mind, rightly, is the spade. Not to be confused with the shovel (also called shovel), the spade has some rather important differences; first of all, the tip of the spade is much sharper than that of the shovel, which on the contrary is flat and suitable for removing and moving earth or gravel. In addition, the spade has – at least usually – a stirrup to help fulfill its main task, which is to dig and loosen the soil. The most important factors in choosing a spade are three: the overall weight, which must never exceed two and a half kilos, the quality of the blade, and that of the handle, and, in particular, of the point of attachment between the blade and the handle,


The second most important garden tool is the hoe. In short, there are two types of hoes: the trapezoidal head and the pointed blade ones. The former is more useful for breaking clods, weeding and forming furrows, while the latter finds its purpose in tamping the soil (i.e. piling the soil around the foot of the plant). There are also hoes of different sizes, and if possible, it is better to have two, a larger one for easily breaking the soil and a smaller one for more precise work. For the choice of the hoe similar rules apply to those of the choice of the spade, although with less importance as regards the weight. Therefore, it is necessary to check both the quality of the blade and that of the handle, as well as the point of attachment between these two elements.


Although often ignored, the rake is one of the fundamental tools for the garden. Its main function is to clean the soil of weeds and stones, but not only. In fact, the rake can also be used to level the soil, bury the fertilizer, and even for rough weeding (weeding). When choosing the rake, you are guided first of all by the size, since usually for a vegetable garden you need one with a head from thirty to sixty centimeters wide and with rigid teeth (as opposed to the one with flexible teeth, used to remove dry leaves). As with all other hand tools, it is important to check the quality of the attachment between the head and the stick, since, if poorly made, it tends to break easily, as it is subjected to the greatest effort.

Garden tools: Other garden tools

Among the other important tools for the garden we must remember the scissors, useful for pruning small branches and collecting fruit and vegetables, the watering can, and the wheelbarrow. The latter can also be omitted in the case of small gardens. In general, for the choice of tools you must always check the size and comfort with which they fit in the palm of your hand. It should also be remembered that many tools, especially metal ones, need maintenance; in fact we must not leave a steel tool, even if stainless, in the rain, or in any case in an unprotected place, and we must remember to clean the blades with a cloth soaked in oil and to sharpen them. A good care of the tools is in fact the first step to ensure their longevity and efficiency. In reverse,

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