Green pumpkin

Grow green squash

Belonging to the large Curcubitaceae family, which also includes watermelons, melons and courgettes, the green pumpkin is a plant native to Central America and is available in a very wide variety distinguished by shape and color. Green squash is generally quite small, has a particularly sweet flavor and does not require particularly complex care to grow. It is possible to buy seeds at nurseries or specialized shops, alternatively it is possible to buy seedlings to start growing during the spring period. It is advisable to plant the seeds indoors, about three weeks before the last winter frost, in pots to be placed near a window: the sprouts should appear after 6-10 days. Subsequently the plants will be moved externally, digging the soil to a depth of about 30 cm. Pumpkins prefer very sunny areas and a warm climate. The plants should be watered in the summer rather frequently, avoiding wetting the leaves.

Green pumpkin: properties and nutritional values

With very few calories (only 18 calories per 100 grams), green pumpkin allows you to fill up with nutrients that are particularly useful for the body and can be included in a low-calorie diet. In particular, the green pumpkinit is a vegetable very rich in fiber, vitamins A and C and beta-carotene, as well as in mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium. Furthermore, it is very rich in water while the fats are very low: among these the Omega 3 guarantees a very useful contribution for heart health.Thanks to its composition, the green pumpkin can prove to be a very important help to prevent heart diseases, fight constipation, fighting bacterial infections as well as promoting the health of hair, nails and skin. Finally, it can have a mild calming effect by counteracting insomnia and stress.

Recipes with green pumpkin

There are many possible uses of green pumpkin in the kitchen ranging from the preparation of appetizers to succulent desserts. On the web it is possible to find ideas for traditional and original ideas, all quite simple and quick to implement. Just to cite a few examples, with green pumpkin it is possible to prepare irresistible appetizers such as scones or green pumpkin flans; among the particularly popular first courses are gnocchi, velvety or pumpkin risotto. Finally, there are many ideas for making delicious cakes using green pumpkin: from the Anglo-Saxon pumpkin pie made with pumpkin and cinnamon and traditional dish of the Thanksgiving Day to donuts with pumpkin, almonds and various jams or with pumpkin and amaretti.

Green pumpkin jam

Among the many possible uses of pumpkin in the kitchen, a particularly easy and tasty recipe is that of green pumpkin jam. It is a perfect preserve for making cakes, flans and sweet tarts but also to accompany seasoned and spicy cheeses. It is a traditional Sicilian preparation (whose name in dialect is that of cucuzzata) which requires the use of 1 kilo of pumpkin pulp, a lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar and the amaretto liqueur. the diced pumpkin, removing the peel and seeds and placing them in a saucepan together with the sugar, leaving it to macerate for a whole night. Subsequently, the lemon juice and liqueur, nutmeg and lemon peel will be added and simmered for an hour.

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