Greenhouse for vegetable garden

The greenhouse for vegetables

Are you tired of “fake” and not very tasty vegetables? Do you want to say goodbye to shopping for fruit and vegetables and enjoy only seasonal vegetables? Maybe it’s time to build a small greenhouse for vegetables and start a DIY cultivation to always have genuine ingredients at hand. To protect your plants from the winter cold and the uncomfortable bad weather of the other seasons, you just have to resort to a small greenhouse, to be placed in your garden or plot of land used as a vegetable garden. Here is a series of small tricks to consider in order to have a structure that guarantees you a respectable crop: the first thing to do is to choose the type of your greenhouse, which must be absolutely robust to withstand not only wind or rain. , but also to any collisions or attacks of animals. Also worth considering is where to place your greenhouse. If you have ample space and have the possibility to choose, we advise you to orient your structure in an east-west direction, so as to always guarantee homogeneous lighting inside, absolutely useful for growing your plants.

How to build a greenhouse for vegetables

If you have decided to grow your vegetables at home, you must absolutely consider the problem of the winter period, which often turns out to be deleterious for crops of any type. To protect your garden from the cold – and thus ensure fresh and genuine vegetables – all you have to do is use a small greenhouse. If the market prices seem to be too high, here are some tips for building a small tunnel greenhouse yourself. First of all you will need a protective plastic sheet, plumbing hoses and camping pegs: obviously the pipes will be used to build the supporting structure of the greenhouse and will then be modeled in an arch and fixed in the ground, where they will be fixed using tie rods and pegs. The next steps are very simple,

How to make a garden greenhouse

For those who love gardening, owning a small greenhouse is undoubtedly one of the first-rate needs. A greenhouse for a vegetable garden is in fact the best solution to protect your plants during the winter season – especially if you are in an area where the climate offers snow and frosts -, thus also preserving the efforts made throughout the year. . Depending on whether you have a large plot of land or even just your terrace, you can build a structure that is right for you. How to make a greenhouse for a vegetable garden in a practical and fast way? Build a structure of the size you prefer with hydraulic pipes and plastic sheets, inside which you can put the plants you want to grow, with particular care for those who suffer from the cold or are more prone to frost than others. To make them grow at their best, it is important that you often check the humidity inside your structure, which is absolutely deleterious for your plants: it is good then that you build your greenhouse for vegetable garden using very light plastic sheets, in order to limit the minimum this problem.

Greenhouse for vegetable garden: How to build a greenhouse for vegetable garden

Have you decided to grow vegetables in your garden and want to know how to build a garden greenhouse? Here are some practical tips to protect your plants from the cold and guarantee them safe and constant growth. With the arrival of cold weather, building a greenhouse becomes absolutely essential: for a tunnel greenhouse, quite common for all garden lovers, you can choose to buy prefabricated tunnels to be carefully covered with sheets of different invoices and sizes or to build directly the structure according to your needs. You will then need hydraulic hoses, which can be easily bent by hand and then driven into the ground to form a bow. To keep them firm and united, we advise you to pull cords from one bow to the bow, fixing them to two pegs at the beginning and at the end of the small tunnel. At this point you just have to place a plastic sheet over the structure, hooking it with lock or elastic hooks. Finally, to have a safe greenhouse, it is advisable to fix it to the ground using stones or bricks, so as to make it impervious to wind or rain.

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