Greenhouse vegetable garden

Which greenhouse to build for our garden

A temperate environment that retains the energy and heat of the sun inside. Here are what greenhouses are, designed to accommodate species that would not tolerate cold climates. Particular and delicate plants that can not stand the frost or exotic products that give us intoxicating scents, or small vegetables to have at home all year round and that we could not have in an outdoor vegetable garden. With greenhouses, real ecosystems are created that revolutionize our daily life. The captured and trapped light contributes to the growth of our plants along with a good heating system and a good location. A greenhouse for every type of crop. For the cultivation of a vegetable garden, therefore sowing and multiplying and thus producing fruit and vegetables for all seasons, greenhouse tunnels are a good solution. Greenhouse tunnels have the advantage of being light and easy to install. A good anchorage to the ground is important, however, to make it more stable especially in the wind. The tunnel greenhouse can be installed on the concrete or stone ground, but above all directly on the ground where the plants grow.

Where to build the greenhouse for the vegetable garden

Before building the greenhouse, let’s choose its location well. To favor the best exposure to the sun and heat without exaggerating in the summer, it is good to place it slightly in the shelter of a row of trees. This solution is useful in the hottest hours and allows you to limit the increase in the temperature of the greenhouse. In winter, the absence of leaves will not be an obstacle and will guarantee exposure to the sun. This protection is also useful in fighting wind and cooling. Proximity to a hedge or wall can be good alternatives. Also orient yourself based on the light and prefer a southern exposure for the winter sun. Building a DIY greenhouse in a simple way, if you do not have knowledge and technical skills of masonry or carpentry, it is possible, especially for a vegetable greenhouse to be built for our garden. The tunnel greenhouse will consist of arches of a flexible and resistant material, plastic or stainless steel, or recoverable material and easy to assemble, choose it according to your economic possibilities or the size of the greenhouse, the PVC or hydraulic pipes are flexible and resistant.

Greenhouse construction

Before proceeding with the construction of the greenhouse we can proceed and start preparing the ground, once it is well leveled it will be possible to proceed with fixing the arches. Fix the arches at a distance of about 60-80cm from each other, to the ground, at a depth of at least 30cm. Plant at the sides of the arches and then some pipes, iron poles or pegs that you will tie together to secure them and keep them more firm and resistant in case of wind. Proceed by positioning and fixing a rigid tube along the entire length of the greenhouse and two on the sides to the arches to reinforce the structure. You can tie the tubes to the arches with plastic ties. Alternatively, a wooden frame is created where the pipes will be fixed with metal clamps. You can now proceed with the arrangement of the sheet which will be fixed with the special plastic hooks to hold the sheet firmly to the pipes. Start at the ends and then work with the sides. The opening of the greenhouse can be done simply by cutting the cloth and reinforcing it with an extra layer of cloth. Secure the cloth with stones or bricks or to the wooden base if you have built the wooden frame.

Greenhouse vegetable garden: Heat, humidity and ventilation.

Heat and humidity are indispensable parameters because the increase in temperature inside the greenhouse generates greater evaporation and, consequently, an increase in the humidity of the environment. dose aeration. Always ventilate at propitious times, a tunnel greenhouse constructed in this way with a double entrance allows for good ventilation. During the low season and if you grow cold sensitive plants, it will be necessary to heat the room. Growing fruit and vegetables in greenhouses is one of the most enjoyable activities and is all in all quite easy if you take the necessary care and take the right precautions. The size of the structure does not really matter, since sowing can also be done in pots.

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