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Garlic is a vegetable that is planted in autumn, at the end of November or at the beginning of December; otherwise in the spring, in the months of February and March. Remember that the flowers are sterile, as are the seeds. The only way you can follow for its propagation is the division and burial of the single bulbs, after having carefully selected them. This will ensure that future plants are more disease resistant and qualitatively better. You will have to bury the bulbs at a depth between 2 and 4 cm., With the tops facing upwards, with these distances: on the row from 10 to 15 cm. and between the rows 20 or 30 cm. Associations are excellent, such as growing garlic together with roses, raspberries, chamomile, strawberries, courgettes, beets, tomatoes, lettuce, onions; no, instead, with beans,

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It is a vegetable that loves a temperate climate, but also adapts well to the hills; even to the mountain, even if you have to provide it with a place in shelter. You can also grow garlic in one or more large pots if you want to grow it on the balcony of your home. It does not have great needs in terms of irrigation, because it resists drought well. For potted garlic, pay a little more attention: from time to time wet the soil with a couple of glasses of water, if the soil is dry; leaving it to dry for fifteen days, before watering again. Be careful not to overdo it with watering: it is a mistake that is sometimes made when growing garlic. Stop them when the leaves begin to dry and bend, this is a sign that the bulbs are maturing and are almost ready for harvest.

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The soil should be neutral or slightly alkaline, cool, permeable and loose. Remember the position: growing garlic in direct sun. For its fertilization it is necessary to use a fertilizer for bulbous plants with the water from the irrigations; every fortnight, starting in spring. Better, it would be, to implement it before proceeding with the implantation. Since the smell of garlic is due to the sulfur compounds it contains, fertilizing with it is useful. Cut the flower stems immediately, otherwise they will compromise the growth of the bulb. Collect it when the aerial part is drying and is completely folded, dry it in place, for a couple of days. When the bulbs are completely dry, place them in a ventilated place, sheltering them from the sun for 15 or 20 days, finally in the cellar.

Growing garlic: Curiosities

In European legends, garlic kept vampires away, so you could carry it with you, in a bag around your neck, or hang garlic wreaths in your homes. This custom seems to be explained by the latest research: Professor Wayne Tikkanen, professor of chemistry at California State University has his theory: vampires would really exist, they were people with porphyria. Disease that causes a slow erosion of the gums with the consequence that the canines are much more evident. It also makes it hyper sensitive to light, causing burns to the skin exposed to sunlight; for this reason, those who suffered from this pathology only went out at sunset. But there is more: in these individuals, garlic intensifies the action of toxins in the blood, aggravating their health, so they cannot eat them.

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