Grow mushrooms

Growing mushrooms: general information

Growing mushrooms at home, in your garden or on the terrace, is now very simple, not only because it is possible to buy a kit for the cultivation of these specimens, but also because the steps to follow to start from scratch are simple to put into practice. . The fundamental thing before proceeding with the cultivation of mushrooms is: the preparation of the substrate and the production of the mushroom itself. To achieve excellent results in a short time, just buy a kit by which the substrate is already made usable. Alternatively, it is necessary to have available materials such as wheat straw, peat, agricultural gypsum, droppings; create a sort of mixture and be careful so that it is not attacked by parasites or foreign agents that could compromise the development of the fungi themselves.

Growing mushrooms: main stages

The main stages for growing mushrooms are mainly 5: fermentation, pasteurization, sowing, incubation I and incubation II. During the first phase the previously mixed compound ferments, making it suitable for the development of mushrooms; with the second phase the compound undergoes sudden changes in temperature. The third phase proceeds with mixing the substrate and the mycelium of the fungus. After sowing, everything is packed with plastic and placed in a room with a constant temperature of about 25 ° C for about 14 days. During the fourth stage, the mycelium begins to expand throughout the substrate. With the fifth and last phase, the compressed soil is flattened, covered with suitable soil and the birth of fungi is favored, lowering the room temperature to about 18 ° C.

Grow mushrooms using a special kit

To grow mushrooms, sometimes it is not necessary to prepare the soil, buy the mycelium, keep everything at the right temperatures; the time wasted would be too high. In this regard, it is possible to reduce the stages and times of cultivation of mushrooms through the purchase of a specific kit. First you choose the species of mushroom you want to grow; it can be purchased from any specialist dealer. Subsequently to the choice, proceed with immersing the kit in lukewarm water, let it drain and sprinkle the seed of the mushroom. Everything is closed in a plastic bag and left at a constant temperature, for about a month, of about 25 ° C. The moment you notice that the bale is covered with a white mold, you open the envelope, place the bale in the half-light and make sure that the temperature remains between about 12 and 25 ° C. After about a month the mushrooms can be harvested. In conclusion, it is advisable to keep in mind to frequently wet the panel.

Growing mushrooms: the importance of choosing a place

The choice of the place is an indispensable factor for growing mushrooms. During each of the 5 phases previously mentioned and described, it is necessary to move the substrate according to the fungal needs. During the first phase, needing a constant temperature of about 25 ° C, the substrate must be placed inside your home and in a place that is not too cold. In the second phase, the bale must be moved to a clean, shady, humid and cool environment and sheltered from the wind. It, having to be constantly humid, can be covered with a layer of boards, cardboard or branches, which must always be wet. Finally, it is convenient, before placing the bale that will give life to the mushrooms, to sprinkle the ground in which it will be placed with common lime, in order to disinfect the entire affected area.

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