How to plant garlic

Varieties of garlic

Before describing how to plant garlic and the period in which you want to grow it, you need to know that the periods change depending on the varieties you use. If you prefer fresh garlic and it is grown in an area where winter is cold and humid, you should use a variety of pink or red garlic, which, planted in March, bear fruit in July. If, on the other hand, you want to obtain a garlic to be preserved in the winter period, then you must plant in October, before the frosts, varieties of white garlic, as they pass the winter in the ground to bloom then in spring and be ready in summer, even if this is a slightly more bitter type of garlic. The soil where the garlic is planted must be well drained, fertile, in a sunny position and not recently used.

The choice of bulbs

To plant garlic in the best possible way, you need to know how to choose the most suitable bulbs to plant.First of all, you need to remove the garlic cloves, choosing the largest and healthiest, since flowering occurs only if the reserves and nutrients of the bulbs are sufficient optimal plant growth. Larger, healthier bulbs will result in larger, stronger plants. Bury the cloves about three or five centimeters deep, leaving the tip towards the other being careful not to overturn them. Space them at least thirty centimeters from each other. The temperature is very important, the best one is around 15 and 20 degrees centigrade. This is an essential factor in knowing how to plant garlic optimally. Prevent the garlic plant intended for the kitchen from blooming.

Techniques for proper germination

This is one of the fundamental things to know about how to plant garlic, since it must be understood that the plant during flowering requires a lot of nutrients that will subtract from the bulbs that are our primary interest. To complete the information I add that if instead our intent is to decorate our garden we can let these inflorescences grow, characterized by their umbrella shape.They are very decorative and flow into refined colors between pink, purple and the white according to the variety. The harvest of this plant, like that of any other plant, is very delicate, it must not be done superficially, but with care. Before picking the bulbs, in general, the leaves must be completely dry.

How to plant garlic: Garlic storage

The plant should not be stored immediately after being harvested but it must be left outdoors for a week, sheltered and in the sun to complete drying. After that, once the external part has dried properly, so as to have a paper-like appearance, you can proceed with cleaning and storage. If you want to know how to plant garlic, you also need to know how to keep it well: remove the soil from the bulbs and cut the roots. You can join the bulbs by intertwining them through the leaves by hanging them in the kitchen, the ideal place to keep them at their best during the winter period. However, this applies to white garlic which, planted in autumn, will be harvested the following summer. While the red and pink ones, which are planted in spring, must be eaten fresh,

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