How to store green beans

How to store green beans

Green beans belong to the legume family and are eaten with their green pods in the summer months. But how to store green beans? The operation is very simple, provided that the hygiene of both the dishes used in the preparation and the jars in which they will be kept are guaranteed. If the harvest exceeds the needs, it is possible to freeze the green beans as they are harvested. After cleaning them in water, they must be briefly scalded in salt water. This operation is necessary to prevent the water present in green beans freezing from crystallizing, ruining the vegetable fibers. They only need to be blanched for 2 minutes. After having allowed them to cool, it is possible to proceed to single-portion packaging.

Green beans in oil

Green beans in oil have a particular taste, especially if enriched with garlic cloves, chilli or wild fennel tips. They can be used as a condiment in salads or potato pies, but they are also excellent enjoyed with excellent bread. Their preparation is very simple. It is necessary to blanch the green beans in a solution of salt water and vinegar, in equal parts. Green beans need to dry completely, so they need to rest on a towel overnight. The next morning you can proceed to pot them in fairly large jars, eliminating all the spaces and inserting cloves of garlic, or chilli or sprigs of wild fennel. After having pressure filled the jar, it should be covered with oil up to 2mm from the edge,

Pickled green beans

Pickled green beans are another way to consume this vegetable. They differ from other storage methods due to the fact that they are lighter and ideal to accompany aperitifs and canapés. Water must not be used in the preparation but a mixture of three parts of white wine and one of vinegar. Also in this case, the green beans should only be blanched, they must not cook at all, under penalty of losing their consistency but also the organoleptic characteristics. Before placing them in the jars, the vegetables must be left to dry overnight, then they can be put into glass jars with the addition of peppercorns or fennel seeds, together with a teaspoon of fine salt to give flavor but also to guarantee conservation over time.

How to eat them fresh

How to store green beans while leaving their flavor intact? Natural green beans are the best choice for those who want to taste them as if they were just picked. The only ingredients to use are vegetables and water. To avoid using salt, it is best not to boil them but steam them. This allows to preserve all the substances present in them, especially the mineral salts. The result is a healthy food, but above all very good. Steam cooking takes a little longer, which should not exceed 15 minutes. The green beans still hot should be placed in the jars, covered with the same condensed water as they were cooking. The jars must be hermetically sealed and placed on the fire in a pot full of hot water for sterilization, which must last about 2 hours.

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