What is the Butt-scratcher Virus? – Learn how to treat pea scratching in plants

What is pea lightning virus? Even if you have never heard of this virus, you can guess that the symptoms of Pea Lightning Virus include scratches on the plant. The virus, known as PeSV, is also called Wisconsin pea stripe. Read the following to learn more about Pea stripe virus, as well as tips on how to treat pea stripe.

What causes the scratching of peas in plants?

If you are unsure of the nature of this disease, you may still be wondering “what is pea scratch virus? It is a virus that infects pea plants, causing them to develop purple streaks that spread along the entire stem. According to the information on pea scratch virus, it is not a rare disease. Scratching on plants is quite common in pea-growing areas, especially in late season pea crops.

PeSV is not the only virus that causes stretch marks on plants. Other viruses also cause the disease, such as western pea stripe virus, alfalfa mosaic virus, red clover vein mosaic virus and yellow bean mosaic virus. These viruses overwinter on legumes such as alfalfa and red clover. Aphids transmit the virus from these crops to neighbouring pea crops.

Symptoms of pea scratch virus

The first symptoms of Pea Streak Virus are light brown oblong lesions that develop along the stems and petioles of the pea. Over time, these bands become longer, cross and darken.

Infected pea pods have sunken dead zones and are poorly formed. The pods may also be malformed and not develop peas. Infected plants appear stunted.

Treatment of streaks on peas

Unfortunately, there are no virus-resistant pea cultivars commercially available. If you grow peas and are concerned about this virus, you may want to know how to treat pea scratch.

Suggested methods to control pea scratching focus on the insect that spreads it: aphids. Practice the best possible prevention against aphids, such as spraying plants with insecticides.

It also makes sense to eliminate alfalfa, red clover and other perennial vegetables from the area. Do not border the pea planting area with these legumes.

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