Professional garden greenhouses

Vegetable garden all year round thanks to professional garden greenhouses!

You want the crisis that has gripped Italy in recent years, you also want the fashion of BIO food that is spreading with great vehemence, more and more people have seen a valid help in the garden. The garden allows you to have fresh, seasonal and untreated food on our tables, but at the same time it is an extremely relaxing and rewarding activity. Unfortunately, the ever less predictable climatic fluctuations make it necessary to have professional garden greenhouses to obtain incomparable results. By this we do not mean exaggerated and extremely expensive greenhouses, but we are going to identify a quality tool, made with great attention to the crop to be produced. On the market you can certainly find the model that best suits your needs,

Insiders and enthusiasts of the sector know well that the cultivation of plants and flowers is an extremely delicate activity that requires particular climatic conditions and balances. Mainly due to pollution and global temperature rise, cultivation is becoming more and more complicated nowadays. Even seasonal cultivation could incur serious repercussions precisely because climatic factors today tend not to follow the regular seasonal course. The solution to all this could be the use of professional garden greenhouses. In this way, an extremely favorable microclimate would be created for the cultivation and development of certain types of plants. Furthermore, in addition to preserving them from violent climatic phenomena, the professional greenhouse recreates the ideal humidity percentage for the growth of the seedlings

On the market it is possible to find numerous types of professional garden greenhouses, which obviously correspond to numerous price ranges. The fundamental prerogatives in determining the price ranges are mainly two: the dimensions and the materials used. As for the lower range, it is possible to buy a professional greenhouse of about 25-30 square meters for less than 300 euros. In this case, however, the greenhouse is made of a metal pipe structure and a PE plastic cover. Going to look for a much more solid solution, with an aluminum structure and polycarbonate panels, a greenhouse of about 12 square meters could cost from 400 euros upwards, going beyond the ceiling of thousands of euros for larger and more elaborate constructions.

Professional garden greenhouses: DIY professional garden greenhouse

If in addition to the green thumb you are also a DIY enthusiast, then you can build yourself a professional DIY greenhouse with a few, simple tips and above all with a very minimal expense. Just buy a plastic sheet, hydraulic hoses, nylon rope, camping pegs, adhesive tape. Bend the pipes in an arch and pin them firmly into the ground about 30 centimeters deep. Fasten the pipes to the side tie rods, using the pegs. Once the supporting structure has been made, place the plasticized sheet on the arches, make small holes and pass the rope through them which will then fix the sheet to the structure. Then, seal everything with adhesive tape. In the same way, also fix the cloth to the base of the structure,

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