Sow potatoes moon

The moon and the sowing of potatoes

A good soil where you can plant the semi-tuber of potatoes, must be well dug up and must not have stagnant water. Too much humidity would create a dense network of capillary roots, harmful to the potatoes themselves. If you live in a very rainy place, it is recommended to prepare prose with a height of at least 20 cm. After that, the land must be fertilized in an appropriate manner, for example 4 kg of manure per square meter must not be exceeded. Once the ground has been prepared, it is necessary to consult a “lunario”, so as not to miss the period. For the sowing of potatoes, the moon must be waning. We can finally dedicate ourselves to the ground, where we will make grooves that must be about 10 cm deep and at least 60 cm apart.

Which quality of potatoes to choose?

The qualities are innumerable, different from each other in color, size, production, organoleptic substances and many other variables. Initially it is advisable to use widespread qualities, such as “red” or “yellow paste”. The tubers to be planted can be purchased in nurseries or from sectoral retailers, only after the first year, even the seed-tuber is self-produced. Some qualities suitable for a first sowing are: AGATA, oval and yellow flesh, or KURODA with red flesh. The various qualities also differ in the type of ripening, which can be late or early. KIPFLER is a yellow flesh variety, which does not excel in production, but of excellent quality. As you may have guessed, there are something for all tastes. It is important not to mistake the moon for planting potatoes,

The chosen potatoes should be cut into pieces of about 7cm, making sure that each piece has at least one or two fertile buds, or sprouts. Cutting “old” potatoes is certainly cheap, but be aware that it can lead to seed rot. A good remedy is to sprinkle them with algae or lithotamnum flour, which protects against the onset of fungi. Another old trick is to bring the cut parts together, letting a protective film reform. The tubers, at this point, are planted with a waning moon. Spaced about 50 cm apart, so the plant can have the air it needs to grow and stay healthy. With the rake it is necessary to cover the furrows to a height of 5cm. Remember to put the cut part down.

Moon potato sowing: The potato harvest

The potato harvesting period starts in September. There is no real harvest calendar, as it depends a lot on the type of potato. We have seen that there are early varieties of potatoes and late varieties of potatoes, which ripen well beyond the end of October, in certain particularly hot years, even up to mid-November. Much also depends on the terrain and the climatic situation. The harvest is carried out using a tool called a “fork”, which is inserted under the plant. With your hands you take the body of the plant itself, and gently, but firmly, you extract the root part. Under each plant there is the “cluster”, which varies according to the quality. Red potatoes normally make about 8-10 potatoes,

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