Sowing garlic

Vegetable garden – Vegetables. Plant garlic in your home.

To sow garlic and obtain a plantation, just sow the cloves larger than a head, burying them three centimeters, with the tip upwards, in a pot or in a flower bed. The garlic cloves, placed at a distance of 15 cm from each other, will sprout in a maximum of 15 days. Those who sow garlic should keep in mind the low need for water during sowing; therefore, scarce irrigation, when not really absent. The pots or flowerbeds used for the sowing of garlic must be kept clean, weeding the soil to eliminate part of the spontaneous herbs; the spring inflorescences must be cut. When the sprouts, after sowing, have become long cylinders of leaves, have grown and become dry, it is time to harvest the garlic: grab the stem and pull up the bulb.

Vegetable garden – Vegetables. The period of sowing garlic.

The period of sowing garlic depends on the type of garlic desired. The garlic cloves for immediate consumption belong to the red and pink varieties (Sulmona red, Neapolitan rose), with a sweeter flavor: in this case the sowing takes place in spring, March and April. The garlic cloves also intended for storage for the winter period, on the other hand, belong to the white varieties (Piacentino, Piedmontese, Neapolitan) and the sowing takes place in October, November, in any case before winter. Garlic adapts to different temperatures and tolerates the cold well. However, sowing must take into account the necessary exposure to light and too low temperatures: sowing will not be successful, in fact, if the temperature drops below 5 ° C.

Vegetable garden – Vegetables. After sowing, harvesting.

Both the harvest for the fresh seed bulbs, from red and pink garlic, to be consumed immediately, and the one for the seed bulbs for storage in the pantry, from white garlic, take place in June-July, and are destined to lengthen up to month of august. A week before harvesting the garlic, twist the stem of the plants at the base: preventing the leaves from receiving nourishment, it will swell the bulbs, for the benefit of the richer flavor of the cloves. Keep the bigger ones for the next sowing: stored at room temperature, hung dry, your white garlic will last up to eight months; the red and pink garlic cloves, stored in a jar in the refrigerator, will be equally perfect for the new fall planting.

Sowing garlic for your own kitchen.

Garlic has many uses in the kitchen. Its typical aroma is due to a substance called allina, with antibacterial and antifungal action and essential to flavor any preparation at the price of a few calories, only 41 kcal per 100 g. Land of very high quality garlic, in Italy it is possible to obtain, for sowing, bulbs of every variety, some even certified DOP (garlic from Voghiera and white garlic from Polesano), to obtain precious bulbs for their recipes, from salads to risottos, from pasta to bruschetta.

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