Size of pumpkin leaves – Do I have to remove the pumpkin leaves?

Many gardeners find that once their pumpkin plants have reached full growth and development, the pumpkin leaves are huge, almost like an umbrella for the pumpkin plant. Since we are told to make sure our pumpkin plants get lots of sunlight, are these large pumpkin leaves healthy for the plant? Should we let more sunshine reach the fruit underneath? In short, can we prune the pumpkin’s leaves, and is it good for the plant? Read on to learn more about how to cut the leaves of zucchini.

Why you should not remove the pumpkin leaves

The very short answer is no, don’t cut your pumpkin leaves. There are many reasons why removing pumpkin leaves from a plant is a bad idea.

The first reason is that it opens the vascular system of the plant to bacteria and viruses . The open wound in which the pumpkin leaf is cut is like an open door to destructive viruses and bacteria. The wound will only make it more likely that these organisms will invade the plant.

Pumpkin leaves also act as a sunscreen for the fruit. While pumpkin plants as a whole look like the sun, the fruit of a pumpkin plant does not look like the sun. Pumpkin fruits are actually very sensitive to sunscreen. Tanning is like a sunburn on a plant. The large umbrella-shaped leaves of a pumpkin help shade the fruit and protect it from sun damage.

In addition, the large pumpkin leaves help prevent weeds from growing around the pumpkin plant. Because the leaves act like huge solar panels on the plant, the sun’s rays do not reach beyond the leaves and weeds do not get enough sunlight to grow around the plant.

Believe it or not, in this case, Mother Nature knew what she was doing with the pumpkin plants. Avoid removing the pumpkin leaves. By leaving the leaves on the pumpkin plant, you will damage it much less.

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