Strawberry seedlings


Who doesn’t know strawberries, the delicious heart-shaped red fruits that cheer our tables between spring and summer? Juicy and thirst-quenching, sweet and soft, they lend themselves to creating desserts, but also first courses, such as risotto. In addition, they are excellent put in salads, simply seasoned with a little lemon juice, or poached in abundant whipped cream. What we call strawberry, in reality, however, is not the fruit of the plant, but is the acheno, that is an aggregate of the real fruits, which are the yellow dots that usually dot the red surface. Strawberries are produced by plants that belong to the genus Fragaria, of the Rosaceae family. The genus grows spontaneously in the European woods, but within it there are many different species, coming from all over the world.

Strawberry seedlings on the balcony

In spring, it is very easy to find trays of juicy strawberries on the supermarket counters, to buy and take home. But what if you wanted to grow strawberry seedlings on the balcony, or in the garden? This is a very common practice for two reasons. The first is that strawberry seedlings are highly ornamental, due to their beautiful green leaves, white flowers and beautiful red fruits they produce. The second lies in the fact that the cultivation of strawberry seedlings does not require particular botanical skills, and can even be practiced in pots, thus taking up very little space. Having a fresh harvest of strawberries at your disposal means being able to always draw on their reserve of nutritional properties: strawberries are in fact rich in water, vitamin C and folic acid.

How to grow strawberry seedlings

If you decide to start a home strawberry plantation, the first thing to do is to buy the seedlings in a nursery, making the choice that best suits your needs. As we said, in fact, the species of Fragaria from which to choose are really numerous. The main difference is between the single-bearing or non-re-flowering ones, or the double-bearing or re-flowering ones. Uniferae produce many fruits only once a year; the biferae instead produce strawberries several times a year. The former will be more suitable for those who want to pick strawberries to keep them frozen, or to make jams; the latter for those who love to consume them fresh. Having made this choice, prepare the soil, which must be sandy, or in any case well draining, and choose a position where there is a lot of sunlight.

Strawberry Seedlings: How to Grow Strawberries

Strawberry seedlings can be placed directly on the ground, in the garden or in a flower bed, or you can use the special terracotta pots. If this second option is adopted, there will be no need to intervene further on the ground. On the other hand, if the seedlings are placed in the ground, care must be taken to space them at least 25 centimeters from each other, and to cover the surface of the soil with mulch, to prevent weeds from growing. The best time to do this is spring. Then, it must be watered early in the morning, when it is fresh, regularly, because the strawberry seedlings need a lot of water, intensifying the irrigation if it is very hot and the earth tends to dry out. However, care must be taken not to wet the leaves, as they could rot.

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