Information on the tomato plant: The culture of a grafted tomato plant

Gardening in small spaces is in vogue and there is a
the growing need for innovative and creative ideas for the use of our small spaces
efficiently. The tomato is coming. What is a tomato plant? It is essentially a
a tomato plant that literally grows the two potatoes
and tomatoes.
Read on to learn how to grow tomatoes and other useful information about tomato plants.

What is a tomato plant?

The tomato plant is a creation of Dutch horticulture.
a company called Beekenkamp Plants. Someone there must love ketchup fries.
and had the brilliant idea of grafting the top of a cherry
a tomato plant and the underside of a white potato plant on the stem. The
Tomatoes were introduced to the Dutch market in 2015.

Additional information about the tomato plant

Surprisingly, this extravagant invention did not require
modification because

Tomatoes and potatoes are both part of the beautiful
family with peppers,
and tomatillos.
I see here some future combinations!

The plant would produce up to 500 delicious cherries.
tomatoes and lots of potatoes. The company claims that the TomTatos
This fruit has a higher sugar content than many other tomatoes in the world.
balance of acidity. Waxy yellow potatoes are perfect for boiling, mashing, and baking.
or roasted.

How to grow tomatoes

You want to grow a tomato and a potato plant? The good news
is that the plant is easy to grow and can, in fact, be grown in a container.
as long as it is deep enough to accommodate the potatoes growing in it.

Plant the tomato plants as if they were tomatoes; do not place them on a hill.
around the potatoes or you can cover the graft. Tomatoes should be grown on
in full sun on a rich and fertile soil with abundant organic matter. The
Soil pH should be between 5 and 6.

Tomatoes and potatoes need a lot of food, so make sure you
to fertilize on the plantation and again in three months. Watering the plant
in a constant and deep way and protect it from strong winds or frost.

Sometimes the potato foliage grows through the tomato.
the foliage. Just pinch it down to ground level. Add fertilizer to cover the potatoes.
from time to time to prevent those near the surface from turning green.

Once the tomatoes have finished producing, cut the plant
and harvest the potatoes below the soil surface.

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