Vegetable garden in the garden

How to make a vegetable garden in the garden

Creating a vegetable garden in our garden is not a complex operation as is often believed. There are some small rules to follow to achieve an excellent result, but they can be easily respected by everyone. How to make a vegetable garden in the garden is a question that comes to everyone’s mind when we decide to devote ourselves to the art of gardening by committing ourselves to growing vegetables that we will then cook to make tasty dishes. The first rule is to choose the angle in which it will be made. A very small piece of land is really enough, even a single square meter that is exposed to the sun for many hours a day. We will have to choose the right vegetables, among which there will be climbing ones such as aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, peas and green beans, but also leafy ones such as lettuce and chicory. It will be interesting to grow in our garden also onions, shallots, garlic that will carve out a space under the ground. Let’s not forget to leave a place also for basil, sage, chives and all the aromatic plants with which we love to season our dishes.

Vegetable garden how to do it

Once we have chosen the perimeter of land on which to create our garden we must understand which vegetables to grow, but above all how to create the space in a perfect way. The first thing to do is to divide the piece of land into squares (all of about 40 cm) or into rows (these better than 30 cm each) that we will use for the various products of nature that we have chosen. It is important to leave space between one plant and another so that they can grow without problems. When planting climbing vegetables we must remember to add a bamboo cane to support them when they grow, but first of all, we must clean the soil that we will use by eliminating dead grass and roots. The entire perimeter that we have decided to use for our garden must be perfectly clean.

Making the vegetable garden in the garden

Making a vegetable garden in the garden is an activity that sets in motion many attitudes such as manual skills, creativity, imagination. The vegetables we choose will be the ones we like best and the space will be the most suitable for these operations. The thing we must never forget is that the perimeter in which we will make our vegetable garden will have to be exposed to the sun in spring and summer and sheltered from the cold and bad weather in autumn and winter so that it can be productive in all seasons of the year. to give us always genuine and tasty vegetables.There are some tools of the trade that we must always have at hand in our garden: hoe, plow, spade and a motor hoe to work the land perfectly. It is possible to create a small irrigation system to ensure a perfect watering for our plants and the earth. To plant the right vegetables at the most appropriate time according to nature’s needs, just consult the sowing calendar which contains all the information we need.

Small vegetable garden in the garden

When we decide to create a small vegetable garden in the garden we must remember that it is not a precious operation only for our pockets – since it will allow us to save a lot at the end of the month – but also for our psyche, for our well-being and for our our health. Cultivating the vegetable garden is a relaxing and creative activity and thanks to this we can be sure of the genuineness of our products without having doubts about their origin, a detail that should not be underestimated. Do not forget the importance of the space we will choose: to create our garden we always work in the open air, an operation that leads us to breathe excellent air and to open our mind, tending to have a more positive thought with less fears and less. anxieties created by everyday problems.

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