Vegetable greenhouses

Types of vegetable greenhouses: agricultural greenhouses

Agricultural greenhouses are widely sold items on the market and meet the needs of those who need protection for their cultivated land using the technology and materials used for professional greenhouses. Professional garden greenhouses are usually made with a steel, aluminum or galvanized iron frame and with a drop-proof plastic cover sheet, but the materials of use change depending on the manufacturer and the quality. of the chosen model. Once you have purchased our greenhouse, assembly does not require special skills: it will be enough, in fact, to anchor it to the ground using propellers and be patient by fitting and screwing the structure without the need to use concrete or other special tools. When buying on the internet, the product is accompanied by a well illustrated information leaflet that helps the customer step by step during the assembly phase. Usually, however, if the purchase is made at a shop in the sector, it is the same company that assembles the greenhouse.

Professional garden greenhouses: specific characteristics

There are many models available on the market: they vary according to the type, material and especially the size of the greenhouse, in order to meet different needs. There are professional greenhouses for the countryside, or those that are well suited to gardens in the city, which are smaller than the others. Professional garden greenhouses are structures that adapt to the needs of those who need to protect their garden from the cold and rains of the season that risk ruining months of work. The possibility of being shaded from inside and outside makes these greenhouses ideal for the planting of any shrub species, from classic fruit and vegetables, to plants, even succulents, cacti and bonsai, as well as different varieties of flowers. .

The different models of garden greenhouses: characteristics

All models of greenhouses on the market are composed of modular elements that allow them to be expanded at any time. The most classic example of a greenhouse is the “tunnel” one, made of iron or galvanized steel (there are also models in galvanized steel and anodized aluminum). The cladding consists of plastic or extruded polycarbonate panels with a honeycomb structure with UV protection from the sun’s rays. As for the garden models, these are perfect for extending your harvests until late autumn and are able to guarantee the survival of the protected species within them throughout the winter season. They are divided into two main types: – greenhouses for small gardens, an ideal solution for home gardens and a valid help in all seasons for protection from wind and bad weather. – professional greenhouses for vegetable gardens, i.e. structures in which to grow fruit, vegetables, vegetables throughout the year to protect plants and flowers in certain seasons of the year.

Greenhouses: models on the market

On the internet, there are numerous specialized shops that offer a vast range of greenhouses according to customer needs. Buying on the internet allows savings compared to the prices found in the shops in the city and the product is delivered directly to your home within a maximum of 7 working days. Among the various models on the network, there are professional greenhouses suitable for our needs both for space and for the crops or species to be protected. As for the dimensions, it is possible, in addition to the standard models, to have customized models that adapt to your needs; moreover, all models, being modular structures, can be expanded with simple metal extensions. There are, in fact, purely winter greenhouses, such as the “siberia” model. suitable for protecting fruit and greenery from our ever colder winters which would lead to the death of the seedlings, or “spring” or windproof ones. As for the interior, they can be without shelves to allow you to grow all those plants that grow in height, such as the tomato.

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