Indoor plants

  • Photo of Zamioculcas cure

    Zamioculcas cure

    Zamioculcas cure The succulent plant, evergreen Zamioculcas, is increasingly widespread, thanks to its ability to adapt to the most varied…

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  • Photo of Zamia


    Zamia Zamia is a plant of the cycad genus that belongs to the Zamiceae family and includes a total of…

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  • Photo of Yucca


    Yucca Belonging to the Liliaceae family, Yucca is one of the most popular houseplants because it is easy to grow…

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  • Photo of Succulents favors

    Succulents favors

    Why choose succulents as wedding favors The choice of wedding favors is remembered by all as one of the most…

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  • Photo of Succulents for houseplants

    Succulents for houseplants

    Why choose succulent indoor plants Succulents, also excellent as a gift for friends, in addition to giving a touch of…

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  • Photo of White anthurium

    White anthurium

    Anthurium White, general information White Anthurium is an evergreen plant native to the American Subtropical areas, belonging to the Araceae…

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  • Photo of Growing indoor plants

    Growing indoor plants

    Which are the most common Indoor plants perform different functions within your home: they embellish and furnish the rooms, counteract…

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  • Photo of Gardenia, how to grow

    Gardenia, how to grow

    When to water the gardenia Gardenia is an evergreen plant native to the tropical regions of Asia and belongs to…

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  • Photo of Watering succulents

    Watering succulents

    When to water Succulents are mostly native to very arid climates, where exposure to high temperatures is frequent and drought…

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  • Photo of The Calathea

    The Calathea

    When and how to water it This beautiful herbaceous perennial comes from South America and is part of the dense…

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