Indoor plants

  • Photo of The mesembriantemo

    The mesembriantemo

    Water the mesembriantemo The mesembriantemo has a good water requirement. Cultivation should be started keeping the soil well wet during…

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  • Photo of Hypomea


    Tropical charm Lovers of bright colors cannot fail to succumb to the charm of hypomea, a tropical plant that knows…

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  • Photo of Smoke eater plant

    Smoke eater plant

    Smoke-eating plant, general information Beaucarnea, commonly called smoke-eating plant, is an evergreen succulent plant native to Subtropical America, belonging to…

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  • Photo of Padre Pio plant

    Padre Pio plant

    Plant of Padre Pio The Padre Pio plant as it is commonly called is Zamioculcas zamilifolia. It is a succulent…

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  • Photo of Plant of Padre Pio

    Plant of Padre Pio

    Padre Pio plant, characteristics and general information The Padre Pio plant, or Zamioculcas, is a succulent (or fat if you…

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  • Photo of Natalina plant

    Natalina plant

    Natalina plant: general information The Natalina plant is a specimen belonging to the cactaceae family and native to the southern…

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  • Photo of Agave sisalana

    Agave sisalana

    Main characteristics of the sisalana agave Agave sisalana is a succulent that was imported to our continent directly from Mexico.…

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  • Photo of Bonsai Ficus Retusa

    Bonsai Ficus Retusa

    Main characteristics of the Ficus retusa bonsai Unlike most other bonsai, the Ficus retusa bonsai is suitable for indoor use.…

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  • Photo of Solanum capsicastrum plant

    Solanum capsicastrum plant

    Irrigation Irrigation, as long as there are berries on the plant, must be frequent; naturally they must be regulated according…

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  • Photo of The olive tree bonsai

    The olive tree bonsai

    How to take care of the olive tree bonsai The olive tree bonsai is a type of dwarf plant that…

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