• Photo of Zonal geraniums

    Zonal geraniums

    Zonal geraniums, origins and characteristics The botanical name of the zonal geraniums is pelargonium mosaic silky. It is a particular…

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  • Photo of Windbreak panels in wood

    Windbreak panels in wood

    Windbreak panels To delimit your garden from neighboring properties or from public land, various solutions are available, ranging from low…

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  • Photo of Chinotto fruit

    Chinotto fruit

    When to water the plant The chinotto plant is an uncommon tree in the Italian territory. It is grown only…

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  • Photo of Evergreen shrubs

    Evergreen shrubs

    What they are and why they like them A shrub is a plant with many stems, so it can be…

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  • Photo of Properties of the viola tricolor

    Properties of the viola tricolor

    Viola tricolor property Viola tricolor, present in about 400 species, has numerous healing properties, both for internal and external use.…

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  • Photo of Bonsai serissa

    Bonsai serissa

    Variegated serissa bonsai The serissa is a plant native to the East, it is shrubby and is part of the…

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  • Photo of Vanda orchids

    Vanda orchids

    Vanda orchids Vanda orchids are part of a very common species in nature that grows and blooms on trees. It…

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  • Photo of Mulberry pruning

    Mulberry pruning

    Types of pruning The pruning process is crucial for the mulberry tree, as well as for most trees. Basically, the…

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  • Photo of Angelica herbal tea

    Angelica herbal tea

    Herbal teas L’Angelica Nothing better than a nice cup of chamomile tea to rediscover a sense of peace and tranquility.…

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  • Photo of Wooden grills

    Wooden grills

    The wooden grills: their functions and their characteristics The wooden grids mainly serve as a support for climbing plants, which…

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