• Photo of Winter jasmine

    Winter jasmine

    Winter jasmine In many gardens, or parks, or even on terraces and balconies, it is not uncommon to find plants…

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  • Photo of Pink pepper plant

    Pink pepper plant

    When to irrigate The pink pepper tree (Schinus molle) is a relatively rustic species that does not present particular needs…

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  • Photo of Lolium perennial

    Lolium perennial

    What is lolium perenne and meadows Lolium perenne is also called ryegrass or English ryegrass: in fact it is a…

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  • Photo of Deutzia


    Watering, exposure and pruning The Deutzia plant loves the sun and also tolerates its direct rays, but it grows without…

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  • Photo of Convallaria japonica

    Convallaria japonica

    The watering As with any variety of Convallaria, also for Convallaria Japonica it is necessary to provide for the administration…

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  • Photo of Cedrina


    Water needs The lemon verbena is a graceful perennial plant of the Verbenaceae family and is usually also called limoncina…

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  • Photo of Theucrius


    Teucrio: general characteristics The theucrium, perhaps better known as the camedrio, is a plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. It…

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  • Photo of Oleander Diseases

    Oleander Diseases

    The various diseases of the oleander The pathologies affecting the oleander (scientific name: Nerium oleander) are many, often common to…

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  • Photo of Queen of the Alps

    Queen of the Alps

    The Queen of the Alps: a rare plant The Queen of the Alps, whose scientific name is Eryngium alpinum, is…

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  • Photo of Hypericum


    The plant that chases away ghosts Hypericum, whose botanical name is Hypericum, is a vast genus of herbaceous plants that…

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