Indoor plants

Indoor plant

Indoor plant

Indoor plants are those that adapt to vegetating in pots and in closed places, with comfortable temperatures. Flowering, evergreen or sapling before choosing the indoor plant for your home, look for information or ask the florist in order to find the one that best suits the conditions in your apartment. In fact, there are plants that need a lot of light, others shade or need to be in humid environments. Once you have identified these ideal plants for your home, you need to know their peculiarities and give them the attention specifically requested. There are many varieties of indoor plants that lend themselves to living well at home such as: gardenia, spatifillo, azalea, begonia, anthurium, poinsettia and many other varieties,

Indoor plant with flowers

For those who love to adorn their home with flowery bouquets, they can opt for indoor plants with flowers, such as orchids, calancole, cyclamen, tilanza, poinsettias and various other species. Cyclamen belong to the Primulaceae family, native to Europe and Asia, including more than 15 species. They have double, heart-shaped, silvery-green leaves supported by a long stalk and pink, white or red flowers, with characteristic upward-facing petals, which bloom from September to spring. They live well in the shade, potted in soils rich in organic substances, capable of retaining humidity and irrigated regularly, especially in summer. The ideal temperature in winter must be between 18 and 20 degrees,

African violets

Very popular as indoor plants with flowers are African violets, whose real name is Saintpaulia. They are small evergreen plants, which are characterized by the presence of five-petalled, thin and colorful flowers and long and fleshy leaves covered with a light down. There are several varieties and in different colors white, pink, violet and yellow, which bloom several times a year and live in small pots. They must be planted in soft soil mixed with peat, so that it retains humidity, positioned in the light but not in the sun and watered regularly, taking care not to wet the leaves and not to create stagnant water. They must also be fertilized every fortnight with liquid fertilizer for plants with flowers and repotted every two or three years.

Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia is an evergreen shrub, of Chinese origin, of the Rubiaceae family. Among the different existing genera, Gardenia jasminoides is the most widespread as an indoor plant. This variety presents itself with particular white flowers with six very fragrant petals and oval, leathery and dark green leaves. To cultivate it, it is necessary to know its characteristics and provide it with all the attention it needs. It must be planted in an acid soil, rich and combined with sand and peat, to promote humidity, placed in bright places and not exposed to sudden changes in temperature. It is a tropical plant, therefore it fears too dry environments, it must be watered every two or three days, without drowning the roots and fertilized every fifteen with an acid fertilizer.

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