Aromatic plants

  • Photo of Pink pepper plant

    Pink pepper plant

    When to irrigate The pink pepper tree (Schinus molle) is a relatively rustic species that does not present particular needs…

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  • Photo of Cedrina


    Water needs The lemon verbena is a graceful perennial plant of the Verbenaceae family and is usually also called limoncina…

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  • Photo of Absinthe plant

    Absinthe plant

    The absinthe plant: origins and history Its botanical name is «artemisia absinthium» and belongs to the asteraceae family. Absinthe is…

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  • Photo of Schinus molle

    Schinus molle

    How to irrigate schinus molle The watering of this tree must be regulated on the basis of the rainfall. If,…

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  • Photo of Piperna


    How much to water Piperna is a perennial aromatic herb also known by the name of Pepolino or Wild Thyme.…

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  • Photo of Cedrina – Lippia citriodora

    Cedrina – Lippia citriodora

    Generality Cedrina, also called citrine grass or luigia grass, belongs to the Verbenaceae family, to the Lippia genus and to…

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  • Photo of Mirto tarantino

    Mirto tarantino

    Characteristics of Mirto Tarantino Myrtle Tarantino is an evergreen shrub, which is part of the Myrtaceae family, which includes 4000…

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  • Photo of Mastranto (Mentha suaveolens)

    Mastranto (Mentha suaveolens)

    Around the world there are endless plants that can be used for various things. From natural and anti-inflammatory oils, to…

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