Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spring and Fall Seeding

For many gardeners, deciding to plant flower and vegetable seeds in the garden can be frustrating. Learning how to better meet the growing needs and requirements of various types of plants often involves careful research and attention to local conditions in the garden itself.
While some plants can grow well when planted in the spring, others can thrive when planted in the fall. The choice of planting season can be the most important factor affecting crop yields in the garden. The reasons for planting seed in the spring and fall are discussed here.

Fall Planting Pros – Reasons for Fall Planting

Plants in climates that are easier to cool . Unfavourable conditions throughout the summer season can often make it very difficult to grow cold season plants. This is why many gardeners consider planting in the autumn both in the orchard and in the annual flowerbeds.

Examples of cold tolerant plants

Autumn planting allows the plants to mature under more optimal growing conditions. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and lettuce are just a few examples.
Improves overall growth . Other reasons to plant in the fall are directly related to general plant growth habits. Frost resistant annual flowers in some growing areas can also be planted in the fall. When planted at this time, flowering plants continue to establish throughout the winter and early spring. This growing period allows for larger, more robust plants before they begin to flower.
Some cold-tolerant grasses, such as chamomile, also benefit from autumn planting in the same way.
the seeds germinate better . Growers recommend planting seeds in the fall for many reasons, including the ease with which seeds can germinate. Fall weather conditions, such as increased rainfall and cooler temperatures, help create favourable conditions for seed germination. Seedlings are also able to establish better when temperatures drop and insects are more likely to survive and develop without stress.

Why plant in spring or fall

Is natural . Spring is a time of new beginnings, fertility, birth and growth. The days last longer as the sun comes closer to us, warming the earth beneath our feet. The warming of the soil and the spring rains stimulate the germination of last fall’s dormant seeds and new life bursts forth. Mimicking natural growth cycles, farmers and gardeners have been sowing seeds in the spring for thousands of years.
More options and availability . While some plants prefer to be planted in the fall or winter, most plants generally grow well when planted in the spring and it is easier to obtain seeds or seedlings. In fact, many nurseries, garden centres and other stores only offer seed or seed extraction equipment in the spring. The
Propagation material from garden centres and nurseries also tends to be scarcer after spring. You can lose out if you postpone your planting plans until the fall.
More time to prepare the garden Why plant in the spring? Besides tradition and availability, planting in spring gives us enough time to prepare our flowerbeds properly, while giving the plants a long and pleasant season to grow, ripen, flower and sow before winter.
Cold winter weather helps to limit pests . In northern climates, fall planting may not be an option due to frost and early frost. However, these frosts and freezes kill weeds, insect pests and even some diseases, allowing us to get a clean slate in the spring.

Sowing seeds: spring or autumn?

While the decision to start seeding may vary depending on where you live, there are undoubtedly advantages and disadvantages to seeding in the fall and spring. By becoming familiar with the specifics of plant growth patterns, growers can better access the time needed at planting time. This, along with regular gardening care, will reward gardeners with abundant vegetable crops and an abundance of spring and early summer flowers, regardless of when they are planted.

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