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Plants that mice don’t eat – What mice don’t like

in the garden or at home, it can be a big pest problem. Having plant mice
Not eating can be a solution. If there is no food source, there is no need to eat.
a mouse to hang out or settle in your garden. Use these suggestions to
plants that will be safe from mouse snacking and some that can really help
to repel the creatures.

Which plants do mice dislike?

Most gardeners are concerned about large pests, such as deer.
and raccoons,
eat their plants or vegetable crops. Mice can also be a big problem.
They may be small, but mice can do a quick job on the plants you’ve been working on.
difficult to cultivate and maintain.

Mice especially like to nibble on light bulbs.
that you hope to see blooming in spring. You can think of it as a mole or a
squirrel, but often the bulb guilty of having ruined his spring garden is a
mouse. Bulbous plants that are safe for mice include

  • Daffodils
  • Snow drops
  • Chionodoxa (Glory to the Snow)
  • Fritillary
  • Wooden (Siberian) squid
  • Camassia
  • Muscari (grape hyacinth)

There is mixed evidence that mice will eat allium
bulbs, but they really like to chew all the tulips,
varieties and most types of hyacinths.

Mouse repellent plants

If you have a mouse problem in your home or garden, you can
you may consider growing some plants to keep them away. These may include
a way to control the mouse population humanely and avoid traps. Here
are some ideas of mouse repellent plants for indoor and outdoor containers, or
beds :

  • Catnip : Catnip can also bring mouse-hunting cats into your garden.
  • Most herbs : Mint and lavender are particularly good.
  • Garlic and onions : Garlic and onion both have a strong smell that mice don’t care about.

There are also natural ways to protect the plants in your home.
garden that the mice insist on celebrating. Blood
Food in the soil, for example, will provide nutrients and keep rodents away.
away from buried light bulbs.

Cayenne pepper sprayed on bulbs or plants will deter mice.
after tasting or even sniffing. Your local garden store may also sell
mouse deterrents.

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