10 rare and exotic flowers

The plant kingdom is characterized by its great diversity of species, where rare and exotic flowers stand out. Specimens that have nothing to do with the common of the rest of the plants, since they have a singular beauty that never ceases to surprise us; so they are flowers worth contemplating and admiring.

Plants are living beings that play an important role in nature, greatly helping our planet. But that’s not all, some also offer extraordinary and unique beauty.

Around the world there are approximately 422,000 flowering plants. The flowers are the reproductive organ of these plants, which are known as spermatophyte plants or phanerogamous plants. However, nature also provides us with unique and unusual species.

It is about exotic flowers, a particularly unknown genre with strange, extravagant, rare blooms and of course, scarce and difficult to find in any garden, bouquet or florist.

Given their rarity and particularity, they are mostly found in the wild; where they hide in landscapes and habitats. Each one of these strange flowers offers striking colors, deep and exquisite aromas, the most unimaginable shapes and surprising textures; which leads us to admire the biodiversity and richness of our planet.

Exotic and strange flowers that are worth knowing

Grevillea Speciosa

It is a shrub of the Grevillea family that has the particular characteristic of resisting low temperatures, which is why its flowering occurs during the winter. Its origin is Australian and its beautiful flowers draw powerful attention, since they have a wrapped pistil that lengthens as the flower reaches maturity, until it is completely erect. For this reason, it is known as “red spider flower”.

Tricyrtis Hirta

This strange flower is very similar to an orchid, given the distribution of its petals; however, it belongs to the Liliaceae family. It is a strong plant and resistant to insect attack, but its weak point is snails and slugs. It has beautiful, exotic and colorful flowers that stand out among its leaves. It is found in habitats near the sea or rivers and is native to Japan.

Dracula Orchid

Within the genus Dracula there is a species cataloged among the rarest flowers in the world. It is the «monkey face orchid», also called «Dracula simia» given the shape of its petals and lip that incredibly resembles the face of a baboon. In addition, another of its curiosities is the presence of two spurs or buds, which resemble the fangs of the famous Count Dracula.


This beautiful flower is not only attractive for its intense colors and strange shape, but also has beneficial properties for health. Passionflower is present in various natural medicine products used to promote relaxation and calm. Likewise, its extract is used as a flavoring in foods and some beverages. It is a species that grows in tropical areas of America, Australia, Asia and Oceania.

white heron flower

Also called egret, the Habenaria radiata (scientific name) is one of the rare orchids; Very famous for its delicacy and great beauty, but above all, for its great similarity to the plumage of a white heron. It is an exotic flower native to Japan and is in danger of extinction in its natural habitat.

chinese lantern

This strange flower is of Japanese origin and given its color and shape, it is popularly known as «Chinese lantern». It blooms in late spring, when it displays its amazing deep red lanterns. Inside them is a hidden fruit, edible and rich in vitamin C. Since it is used as an ornamental plant for outdoors, it requires frequent watering, for which you can use a watering can that doses the amount of water.

hive ginger

This flower is also known as maraca flower, since it takes on this particular strange shape. It is from the same family as turmeric and ginger and in the same way as these plants, its leaves have an oblong shape; that is, elongated, especially at the tips. It is native to Southeast Asia.

tulip ice cream

Tulips belong to a genus of flowers that includes around 150 species, all of which stand out for their beauty. However, the «tulip ice cream» variety, in addition to being a beautiful flower, is a little known and strange species. Its compact shape and colors visually resemble an ice cream cup; this is possible since its white petals are mounted one against the other forming a central cone.

giant hoop

The scientific name of this huge flower that can reach 3 meters in height is Amorphophallus titanum, it is a very rare and exotic species that is in danger of extinction. It is only found in rainy habitats in Indonesia and is known there as “corpse flower”. The reason is that when it blooms, once every 10 years, it gives off a putrid smell of dead meat; which attracts the insects that carry out their pollination.

kadupul flower

This species is often known as «midnight queen» or «moon flower», It is a rare flower produced by a cactus and is considered the most expensive flower in the world, since its delicacy prevents handling it without causing damage. It is native to Japan, China, Sri Lanka and some regions of Central America. Its main characteristic is that it is a plant that only blooms from midnight and withers and closes at dawn.

Currently, 50% of plants are in danger of extinction. Extinction not only affects the animal kingdom, vegetation is also threatened; especially because of the destruction of their habitats. For this reason, it is worth immortalizing their beauty and photographing them in all their natural splendor, so in your comparison of SLR cameras, select the one that gives you clear and impressive images of these flowers, since they are a gift of nature.

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