15 Most Famous Types and Varieties of Potatoes

The potato is an essential food in Spanish culinary art, to the point that in 2015 the Food Consumption Report estimated consumption per capita per year at 26 tons.

In this sense, the varieties of potatoes are many. The main ones are:

Mona Lisa

It is everyone’s favorite potato, the queen of greengrocers. Not only cheap, but very versatile.

It can be baked, cooked, because it does not break, or fried, because it has a high percentage of starch and absorbs little oil.

In addition, it helps the presentation of the dish because it maintains its best shape. Easy to find at grocery stores across the country.


Exotic name that indicates the preference of the Spanish over it. Ideal for cooking and stewing. Rich in vitamins. It has reddish skin.

Red Pontiac

Red outside, white inside. Special for stews. It has the advantage of being the one that best withstands refrigeration, as it can stay fresh for several days in the refrigerator.

Ideal for Russian salad.


As its suggestive name indicates, this fried potato is ideal to accompany meat. It is a touch of class in the kitchen.


It is grown in Galicia and Catalonia (potatoes from Prades) but it is found throughout Spain where it is considered a quality delicacy, superior, if you will, to other species of potatoes, including Monalisa itself.

Special for cooking, roasting or stewing, and for the potato omelette. It sells a lot, precisely because of its peculiar flavor. Cease. Good for cooking or frying, due to its floury texture and low starch content.


It comes from the north of Spain, where it is the most common in the kitchen, it is elongated and with a smooth texture.

Cooked as a salad or as a side dish, it is wonderful on the palate. It has been genetically modified to make it resistant to disease.


Another of the most commercialized varieties in the country. Although it can be prepared in different ways, fried is unbeatable. Its exterior is yellow, and white inside.

Baraca Sour

Its main characteristic is its light yellow color, medium-large size. It is considered the queen of frying. Oval, yellow inside and out.

They identify her with the Kennebec because of her resemblance. Low sugar content, so it is ideal for making chips that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, given its balance between starch and water.

But it is also eaten pureed. It keeps very well in the refrigerator; That is precisely why it is widely used in the industry of products such as potato tortillas or snacks.


Circular and flattened, semi-early, it is versatile, it is used for stews, frying, cooking and baking.


It has good absorption capacity so they are ideal for frying. It is easy to recognize by its yellow color with external spots.


Very versatile, of French origin; It is used for cooking, frying and baking. To get out of trouble, it can be steamed and served as a side dish for meat and fish dishes.


Recommended for cooking, it is a regular shaped potato with yellow flesh. It is also of French origin. It is used for cooking and frying.


Also called purple potato, it is different from traditional varieties because of its skin and its violet-colored flesh that makes it very striking.

Cooked they serve for salads and tortillas; it is good to fry them in thin sheets to serve as appetizers.


Recommended for frying. With tasty meat with a reddish exterior, you can prepare a delicious dish in the style of international haute cuisine.


New potato from Malaga, early type, oval, versatile, for generic use, as it looks good in almost all forms.

However, it is recommended roasted if we want to enjoy its texture. Its creamy pulp makes it appetizing in the summer or in times of high heat.

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