5 Christmas decoration ideas with natural plants

They are true allies to round off any space and even more so at Christmas. Christmas decoration with natural plants is a great way to give our home personality using one of the key elements of these dates: nature. In reality, and although we are not aware, she is precisely the protagonist of this time of year. From the fir tree to the Christmas wreaths, passing through the Anglo-Saxon tradition of the mistletoe or the symbolism of the holly: this time of year does not have green as part of its leading color palette by chance.

Therefore, there is no doubt that one of the keys to Christmas decoration at home is to have plants in our staging. They not only allow to round off any look: they can even be protagonists of it, whether we place them on side tables or if we bet on using them as part of the decoration of our Christmas table. Any space is suitable and in all of them, without exception, they are capable of imprinting character with their mere presence.

And, although the world of plants is so extensive and varied that it is possible to find the ideal one for us, there is no doubt: there are some plants that, yes or yes, are part of Christmas, either because of their tones or because of tradition.


Normally and when we think of Christmas decoration with natural plants, the classics come to mind. And yes: it is clear that betting on the icons of Christmas, such as the different types of natural Christmas trees or the Poinsettia, is always a success. But let’s go a step further to take into account other plants that can give us a lot of play in our Christmas arrangements.

And yes: having red plants to decorate the house at Christmas is always a success at this time. But what if we look at them with a different and original approach?

1. Gaultheria, an original bet for Christmas decoration with natural plants

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An ideal plant to dress the outside with evergreen leaves and, from autumn, enjoy its unique red berries. Creeping and rustic in character, the Gaultheria withstands low temperatures well and can live without problems in planting spaces with little light. Although it is easy to care for, the only precaution that we must consider is that it will colonize what is around it.

2. Cyclamen, a simple and super decorative beauty

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It is one of the protagonists of winter and a plant that requires little to display all its flowering. How to take care of the Cyclamen is much simpler than it seems, and it only happens by knowing the details of its requirements. Apart from this, it is a perfect plant to make flower centers also indoors.

3. Kalanchoe, a succulent to behold in natural Christmas decoration

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It is one of the most versatile succulents both for Christmas decoration with natural plants and for any other time of the year. Perfect for the simplicity of its leaves and flowers, it also has another advantage: we can enjoy it in a wide range of colors. Enjoying its beauty and company means being careful with watering and offering it a bright location.

4. Croton, the choice for green plant lovers

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It is an authentic natural spectacle that, in addition, makes it very easy to enjoy. Croton care is highly affordable for any level of gardening. It is enough to be regular in its watering and give it a bright location so that it displays all the varied colors of its leaves. And yes: due to its tones, it can fit perfectly as part of our natural Christmas decoration.

5. Amaryllis, an extremely beautiful tropical note

A delight that flourishes in cold weather. Use it in your Christmas decoration with natural plant

It is a real beauty, and ideal to put a different accent in any space. The Amaryllis is originally a bulb that blooms in sunny months. However, and thanks to the forced flowering, we can enjoy it during the winter. What’s more: it is one of the bulbous plants with the longest flowering, so we can incorporate it into our Christmas decoration with natural plants, but we will also enjoy it months later.

Which of these beautiful plants would you incorporate into your natural Christmas decoration? Hard choise!

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