5 Fast Growing Shrubs for Fences

They are perfect for those who choose to delimit a space with nature, but also for those people who do not want to wait. Fast -growing shrubs for fences are true allies in any circumstance, but even more so if our intention is to provide a space with a certain amount of privacy. A task that does not mean giving up beauty nor does it involve plants that are going to complicate our lives with their care.

The versatility of shrubs is one of the reasons why, yes or yes, they have to be part of a garden design. Not only do they allow you to create massifs, fill in or delimit certain areas of an exterior. In addition, its presence allows playing with volumes and textures, giving any green space an exceptional aesthetic harmony. If we add to this that the range of shrubs from which we can choose is very wide, there is no doubt: we will not be able to give up enjoying them.

Thus, and in the same way that we saw cold-resistant shrubs for the garden, it is time to discover some of the fast-growing shrubs that will allow us to create lively and extremely striking closures.


In general, and with few exceptions, bushes are not demanding in their care and maintenance. One more reason for those who want to enjoy the garden without having to spend too much time on it. However, let’s not get confused: that they are not complicated does not mean that we do not have to pamper certain aspects of their cultivation. To begin with, as important as knowing how to plant shrubs for the garden is knowing in depth the characteristics of our plant in terms of aspects such as tolerance to cold, preference for the place of planting or even the pH needs of the substrate.

In addition to these aspects, there is something else to consider when choosing fast-growing shrubs for fences. We should not contemplate the size of our plant when we plant it: the fundamental thing is to know the dimensions that it can reach. Only then can we correctly choose those bushes that meet our needs.

1. Hydrangea, a fast-growing classic hedge shrub

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It is one of the bushes with the most followers, and it is perfectly logical. Beyond the fact that the care of the Hydrangea is not complicated except in regard to taking care of the pH of the soil, it is a highly decorative plant due to its flowering. Although some varieties flower in winter, it is usual for it to be filled with flower clusters from spring until well into summer.

Well cared for, the Hydrangea can reach three meters in height, and something close to one and a half in diameter. A compelling reason to choose a planting space in which it can grow without inconvenience, and that implies shade with light in hot climates. It is also important to know that it will lose its leaves when the cold arrives, although this does not affect it since it tolerates frost.

2. Oleander, a lovely evergreen choice

One of the most common fast growing hedge shrubs in gardens. Get to know it thoroughly

With evergreen leaves and extremely showy flowers, the Oleander is one of the favorite choices of garden lovers. Not only can it reach four meters in height, but also its characteristic green leaves accompany us throughout the year to fill with color with the arrival of spring.

Beyond being regular in watering or pruning it conveniently, we are talking about a bush that we can consider rustic. It is more: it is a plant of extremes. Whether we are looking for cold-resistant shrubs for the garden or if we are considering how to make a Mediterranean garden, it is a plant that cannot be missing. That yes: it is extremely toxic if its leaves are ingested, for which it is not advisable if there are animals or children in the house.

3. Forsythia, a perfect option to fill spring with color

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It is one of the essentials in the world of landscaping because it is one of those bushes that practically do not require care. Cold tolerant, it only requires exposure to full sun and regular watering. Of course: it is essential to make a good drainage, since it does not tolerate waterlogging in any way.

Beyond its beauty, this bush has a peculiarity. Its long, woody branches fill with yellow flowers with the arrival of spring. Something that would not be exceptional if it were not for the fact that, later, the leaves appear.

4. Abelia, the friend of pollinators

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Another of the fast-growing bushes for fences that will not complicate our lives at all. Knowing how to care for the Abelia is synonymous with enjoying a bush that can reach three meters in height, and that is extremely generous with its foliage throughout the year. In addition to this, its other attraction is flowering. And not only because of the shape: the characteristic perfume of its flowers is part of the show.

It is precisely this aspect that makes it an essential plant if you are wondering how to attract pollinating insects to the garden.

5. Privet, one of the most decorative fast-growing shrubs for fences

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Its lanceolate leaves, similar to those of the olive tree, are not the only attraction of this shrub that is usually treated like a hedge in terms of pruning and shape. In addition, its flowering, although small, is another of its great attractions, along with the characteristic purple berries that carpet the plant in the summer months.

Not only does it accept pruning very well, but it is also not very demanding when it comes to watering. Of course: you have to take a couple of important aspects into account. On the one hand, it is a completely toxic plant. On the other hand, it does not tolerate cold too well, so it is not recommended in places with harsh winters.

Five fast-growing hedge shrubs that make it super easy to grow. The really complicated thing will be deciding on one of them!

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