5 Hardy outdoor plants for the whole year

Having resistant outdoor plants for the whole year is one of the priorities of garden lovers. A way to be able to enjoy the garden, the terrace or simply the balcony beyond the months of good weather. But being able to delight our eyes with plants is not the only reason to bet on those outdoor plants that will accompany us in both cold and heat. In addition, having them is also the most economical way to maintain our exterior and avoid having to replace plants that are damaged by temperatures.

Despite being acclimatized, there are many plants that do not survive the cold months. Even taking into account one of the essential cares for the garden in winter, protect the most delicate plants; low temperatures can play tricks on us. Either because a frost surprises us or because our plant is not as healthy as it should be, it is likely that at the end of winter we will suffer casualties. Hence, avoiding unpleasantness does not only happen by using systems that act as greenhouses, such as a thermal protection blanket. Added, it is crucial to choose them conveniently.

That’s why it’s time to see some plants that, either because of their strength or with proper care, brighten our eyes without giving us too many headaches from January to December. An absolute commitment to fully enjoy the outdoors regardless of the season.


In the same way that we are usually interested in cold-resistant plants for the garden, it is worth learning about resistant outdoor plants for the whole year. And, although it may seem to us that advocating resistance restricts the number of plants we can enjoy, this is not the case. That they are resistant does not imply that we have to give up the flower or beauty.

The range of plants is so wide that what is really complicated is not finding what we are looking for. Among all of them, our expert colleague in Plants, Lir, has selected five. Five various year-round hardy outdoor plants that it’s impossible not to fall in love with.

But just as important as knowing what they are is discovering their specific care. So let’s see them in detail.

1. Bougainvillea, the most spectacular climber

If there are some plants that captivate those are the climbers. Not only do they usually grow, with exceptions, without too many demands. Added they are the perfect allies if we seek to embellish walls, pergolas or any other vertical support. A good reason for many queries about flowering climbing plants for the garden. And, among all of them, there is no doubt that bougainvillea reigns above the rest.

With proper care, bougainvillea can make our list of hardy outdoor plants for the whole year. Discover here our selection of them

This role is perfectly logical. Beyond the fact that bougainvillea care is not particularly complicated, we are talking about a plant whose flowering is simply spectacular. Cultivating it correctly involves taking maximum care of two details. On the one hand, irrigation. It is enough to know that it is on the list of drought-resistant plants to get an idea of ​​its hydration needs.

As important as this is to protect it properly with the arrival of the cold. Although acclimatized, bougainvillea does not tolerate frost. So we will have to cover it from the base to the top to avoid unpleasantness.

2. Geranium, one of the resistant outdoor plants for the whole year par excellence

It is not only part of the popular imagination of our country. Added, the genarians are plants that we could well consider off-road. It not only fills with flowers and color with the arrival of good weather. It can also survive the rigors of winter, as long as we provide them with a place protected from frost.

Aside from this, you should know that geranium care is another reason that makes it one of the most common plants on balconies, terraces and gardens. Beyond the fact that we are talking about an undemanding plant, it only requires good sun exposure and moderate watering. This last detail, irrigation, is essential. If we detect yellow leaves on the geranium, it is more than likely that we have overwatered.

A regular fertilization with a specific fertilizer will make our geraniums unfold all their beauty. Get here our formula specially designed for them

One more important note about its cultivation. If we want to enjoy flowering geraniums full of life, there are two cares that we cannot neglect. On the one hand, a regular fertilization from the beginning of spring with a specific fertilizer for geraniums and flowering plants is essential. And as important as this is to anticipate the appearance of the geranium butterfly, taking prophylactic measures.

3. Hebe, an elegant and charming bush

Better known as veronica, the Hebe is a bush of Australian origin that has been gaining ground in the last decade. There are many reasons that have made it an essential in the garden or on the terrace. Beyond the rounded shape of this type of shrub, its main attraction is its beautiful flowering. One that not only attracts the attention of gardening lovers but also makes veronica one of those plants that we must have if we consider how to attract pollinating insects to the garden.

Get here this variety of Hebe or veronica resistant to cold

To enjoy its flowering, we will have to wait for the spring and summer months. If we give it the necessary care, its flowers can last even well into autumn. Two important notes to fully enjoy it. Let’s start by knowing that it needs moderate watering to prevent its roots from rotting. What’s more: it tolerates drought, so it is preferable to water only when the substrate is completely dry.

In addition to this and to be able to include it in our list of resistant outdoor plants for the whole year, pay attention to the temperature issue. It is essential to know in detail the variety of veronica that we have, since while some withstand temperatures of up to seven degrees below zero, others are extremely chilly.

4. Boxwood, an essential in resistant outdoor plants for the whole year

It is one of the most common ornamental shrubs outdoors, and there is no lack of reasons for it. Apart from its perennial leaf, it is a plant that tolerates almost any scenario: it has no problems with direct sun, but neither with intense cold. How not to include it in our garden, terrace or balcony?

Ideal for those who want to play with shapes outside. Buy this ball-shaped boxwood online here

Apart from the fact that its care is minimal, there is another aspect that makes this bush essential. Due to its morphology, it is perfect to be pruned in the way we want. A detail that can give us a lot of play if we opt for this bush to make a closure.

5. Carnations, an ideal option for flower lovers

Not because they are the last, carnations are the least interesting option of resistant outdoor plants for the whole year. What’s more: we could place them at the top of the list because if they have something, it is that they hardly require care to be in perfect condition.

One of the hardiest outdoor plants for the whole year less demanding in care. Include it in your selection of plants

Also called Chinese carnations, carnations are ideal for flower beds or pots even if they are hanging. They do not require much watering, since they can even be considered rainfed plants. But yes: we will have to find a space with lots of light, and plant them in a well-aerated substrate that allows proper drainage.

Five resistant outdoor plants for the whole year according to different tastes and care. Five ways to dress the outdoors and enjoy it, month after month.

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