5 ideas to decorate with the Chinese money plant

It is one of the most fashionable plants among lovers of gardening but also interior design. And if its nickname, the Chinese money plant, is curious to say the least, its botanical record is no less curious: pilea peperomioides. A name that, despite being almost unpronounceable, has managed to get it said happily in a very short time, no matter how tongue-twister it may be at first.

But it is clear that today we are not talking about the Chinese money plant because it has a complicated name, but rather because in the same record time it has managed to populate one of the reference networks for those who surrender to the pleasure of beautiful things: Pinterest. Something logical if we take into account that this plant has become a true essential in any self-respecting interior design, whatever its style.

Thus, if we want our house to also breathe this trend that is imposed, we have to count yes or yes with the pilea peperomioides. Not only for its decorative options but also because the legend of the plant ensures that it brings fortune to the home where it is.


One of the benefits of the Chinese money plant is that, aesthetically, it brings together all the essentials to be the focus of all eyes and the personal accent of an environment. Its appearance is delicate despite being a green plant with an intense color. With characteristic rounded leaves, it has been one of the most common plants in Nordic homes for many years. Something that has given pilea peperomioides one more nickname: Swedish ivy.

With the right conditions, the Chinese money plant grows luxuriantly. If that is our goal, we will only have to provide a series of simple care:

  • We will have to place it in a place with indirect light, since direct sun can burn its leaves.
  • Its location is important: it is a plant that does not tolerate drafts or cold well, something that makes its leaves turn black and fall off.
  • It is a moisture-loving plant, so it is ideal that we water it at least once a week during the winter and up to five times during the summer.
Chinese money plant suckers are easy to separate and replant.
Attribution | A little bit of sunshine on Pinterest
  • Due to its incredible growth capacity, we will soon see suckers being born at the base of the plant. The ideal is to transplant them if we want to have more copies of pilea peperomioides. If we see that the plant stops growing, it is time to perform a transplant
  • In the spring and summer months, we will have to pay special attention to one of the five common pests in the garden: the cochineal. An insect that has a predilection for this plant

And once we know how easy it is to grow the Chinese money plant, let’s see some ideas to integrate it into the decoration of our house. A perfect starting point to awaken our creativity and play with its beauty as we please!

1. Decorate only with the Chinese money plant

Plain and simple, decorate with the plant. Without further pretensions and just using a pot or a pot cover that beautifies it even more. The simplicity and elegance of their intense green will make them, even so, a decorative element with character. A hint of color, for example, in white or earth-toned atmospheres; but, also, in more modern ones in which red, black or even silver predominate in which the natural point will give it proximity to space.

2. On a shelf or piece of furniture, such as ivy

Although before the ivy and later the potho were the plants par excellence of this type of location, the pilea peperomioides has been unseating them. Interestingly, potho care and Chinese money plant care share that incredible simplicity of being able to have a plant without paying too much attention to it or having to be especially skilled with plants.

3. Create an island of nature

One of the things that we give up on many occasions living in the city is to have a little piece of nature. Something that we can alleviate if we consider having a little corner of green plants like the one we propose with this image. One in which the Chinese money plant can be seen accompanied by other green plants. One piece of advice: play with the different pot covers to achieve an even more beautiful effect.

4. A corner with different types of bottles

Since pilea peperomioides is a plant that grows considerably, we can use its suckers to decorate a table, for example. To do this, we will use different bottles or vases of different heights and volumes. A beautiful visual game that is also a good place for the plant to grow: they hold up perfectly in water.

5. Chinese money plants suspended from the ceiling

A way to value that ethereal and fragile point of this floor with a beautiful staging that, moreover, does not take up space. It will suffice with some hanging containers or even suspending mini pots with those children that our plant has.

Five different ways to decorate with the Chinese money plant. And you, which one do you like the most?

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